Friday, May 29, 2015

Our Cold Kiwi Series Events

Just so everyone is in the picture. I have been I contact with the Wellington Regional Council Harbour Department......or commonly know as the Harbour Master, who's office is the Territorial Authority on our waterways.

They are aware of the collision on Sunday.

Here's an excerpt from one e-mail

Maritime rules are quite clear (as are all racing rules that I know of) that the overtaking vessel must keep clear. I've been trying to put it into some context, and the best one I can think of is a sailing regatta, where if such an incident occurred it would be dealt with (hopefully) between the competitors themselves, or by the event organisers under the Racing Rules of Sailing (and the event Sailing Instructions) , rather than resorting any Maritime Law.

As the incident occurred between competitors in your event, your racing rules or rules of competition should cover such issues. This could be by some sort of penalty, disqualification, barring competitors from future events etc. Any damage should be dealt with by the offending party and/or insurance.

...and an excerpt from another e-mail

Also I see in your entry conditions that PFD's are required but from the photos not everyone seems to be complying. How do you manage that? Especially important now that the water is cold and with incidents such as you are dealing with.

At the next event we are going to start all W6's two minutes ahead of single paddlers on the long course......however this may not prevent a similar incident occurring must be remembered that as some single craft catch up and pass a W6......we can then be put in a similar situation, if good judgement is not used.

I think you've all heard me say this before......."it's not the Olympics".....and I've also said..... "give people plenty of space and take your time when turning and approaching slower craft."

Since Matariki is on July 4 at Petone.......we'll make the next "Cold Kiwi Series" Event TWO on June 21...... at one of the Wellington City locations......either Oriental Bay, Hataitai Beach or Shelly that way we're spreading the events evenly around each Cities location.

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