Friday, December 11, 2020

Summer Paddling Events


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Welly Paddlers summer activties

Sunday December 20 - Matiu Island - 8.4 km & 6.6 km or view the Event detail at the bottom of this post

Sunday January 24 - Dolly Vardon Beach - 8 - 10 km (Wellington Anniversary weekend)

Sunday February 14 - Seatoun 8 km

Sunday March 21 -The Motorway Classic 13 km and 6 km

Sunday April 18 Matiu Island Race - 8.5 km & 6.5 km (surf ski & waka ama & sea kayak only)

Each Event link will specify what type of craft the Event is able to cater for

Please carry out some regular paddling activity to ensure you're fit and fully capable of completeing the distances. 

*** Please also practice your remounting / capsize / self rescue drills ***

Minimum craft length 4.6 metres. 

*** PFD's to worn by all paddlers  *** No PFD no entry

All Event links will be added above over the next few weeks.

For more detail -  - phone 04 976 1795 or 022 6455 820 

Here are a couple from our Event Partners.

January 17 Rangitikei River Race

March 28 Porirua Grand Traverse multisport event

Friday, April 3, 2020

The Foxton Loop Race - 2020

The Event this year is timed for Saturday August 22. Every year the date is set within 1 month from the date of the event just held.

Last year we had 48 paddlers on the water for the revived event, however our goal has always been to achieve around 80 - 100 paddlers on the water at this event every year, a number which is very achievable.

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Above is the circuit around the loop. Unless we get a descent flood this year to clear the vegetation and flush some sedement, it is likely we'll be running last years configurations. Below is a picture of the mentioned blockage at the "S" bend at the very southern (narrow end) end of the loop before it joins back onto the Manawatu River. This blockage covers an area of approx 200 metres in length and 3 - 5 metres in width. This photo has been taken from the farmers bridge looking east towards the Tararua range.

There is one change of last year in that we are moving the start finish point down to the boat ramp close to the intersection of Union and Harbour Streets. There are two very good reasons for this 1. Better launching for all craft 2. Increase the opportunity for better photos of all paddlers

So again the long course is here and will be 12.5 km

 For the short courses a buoy will be placed 1.5km from the start /finish. There will again be a 3 km course = 1 lap and a 6 km course = 2 laps. The rational for this option is again that paddlers and spectators can see and yell out support for each other on each lap.

Event time frames

Registration from 11.00 am
Event briefing at 12.15 am
Start times
12.30 am Recreational craft 12 km
12.40 am All W6's and surf canoes 12 km
12.42 am W1 and W2 12 km
12.44 am All Kayaks surf skis 12 km
12.50 am short courses 3 km & 6 km

Spot prizegiving - 2.15 pm - 2.30 pm (10 minutes after the last paddler finishes)

All the event entry detail contained here

Ruamahanga Kayak Race

Six days before the Foxton Loop Race the Wairarapa Multisports Club are holding the Annual Ruamahanga Kayak Race.

This years event is on Sunday August 16.....Note this date may be changed to September 6 due a clash with the Mukamuka Munter.

For both Welly Paddlers and Wairarapa Multsiports this is a strategic allignment. The rational is what I tend to do myself when travelling to the South Island with paddling events, I check in to see if events in some regions are a week apart to take in a couple of events and also to tour around, enjoy a break or work remotely.
The opportunity now exists for anyone travelling from either Auckland or the South Island to make these events on an extended road trip.

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Again thanks to Derek Cox from the Wairarapa Multisports Club for sharing this vision.
The event is on grade 1+ water and has a long course 28 km from Kokotau Bridge and a short course 12 km from Morrisons Bush, with both courses finishing at the Martinborough Bridge.

NOTE : If there are any extentions to the dates above, we will update this info and place a post on the Welly Paddlers Facebook page noting any changes.

The current list of  "various events" is on the event calendar on the left hand side of this page.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

"The Motorway Classic " - version 2020

This years theme for "The Motorway Classic" is about Community.

The Event first hit the waters of Wellington in 1990 one of a number of project Events that Mark Watson (Mana Kayak Racing Club) started up. Welly Paddlers has been organising the Event since 2004.

The aim of the event, is the bringing together of all kayakers, waka ama, multisport, surf lifesavers, stand up and prone paddlers together in the one place at least once a year.

If you enjoy paddling, communicating and socialising with everyone in the wider paddling community, this is the perfect opportunity to meet and greet and encourage others, into your sport and leisure activities.

The Event Venue is based within the Honiana Te Puni Reserve, Petone and based outside The Wellington Waterski Club.

Event is on Sunday March 22

Registration from 8.30 am
Event Briefing at 9.45 am
Registration Closes at 9.40 am
Event Starts at 10 am

All the Event detail, conditions of entry and online banking payment detail is contained here 

($10 extra per craft)

If you have a Welly Paddlers Event number on your craft already, please let us know and we'll check it off against our master sheet of numbers.

Your Event number is to be placed on the left hand front of your craft  (wihtin 1 metre of the bow) as pictured.

Toilet Facilties near the Event.

On the Petone Esplanade there are a number of Toilet Facility Blocks.....the closest two blocks are circled in yellow below.

1. Entrance to Honiana Te Puni Reserve - turn left as you enter the reserve
2. Opposite Bay Street which is 5 steets East from the Petone Wharf
3. Behind the Petone Settlers Museum

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Craft Staging area.

There will be a large number of craft around.....please use the area circled in green.
If your craft is super light and we have a breezy Northerly.... I suggest that all craft are pointed into the wind on the grassy area in front of......and north of the Wellington Waterski Club.

Please keep the boat ramp area clear for W6 trailers...... and also allow other motorboats clear access to launch craft.

Low tide is at 10:11 am

Pictured above are the 2 x short course options.

1 lap = 3 km
2 laps = 6 km

Note the direction of turns....also note the finish shute for all courses is between the red and yellow finish buoys.
The second section of white hazard lines.... this area contains a small 5 metre x 2 metre reef which will be exposed on the day due to the low tide.

Above is the 13 km long course to the Interislander reclamation and return.

Paddlers will need to achieve 1 hr 45 minutes to paddle this course......if you do not paddle regularly...... I suggest that you choose either the 3 km or 6 km options.

This course is easily paddled quite close to shore......within 5 - 10 metres of the shoreline after the BP Station. If it's quite windy (if you feel your balance is not quite 100 %) paddlers can still progress well over the full course close to the shoreline.

 Timeline for Starts :

10:00 am - Long course recreational / cruisers start
10:10 am - Long Course W6 and surf canoe start
10:12 am - Long course singles and doubles
10:15 am - Short course starts

12.15 pm Event Spotprize giving (completion by 12.45 pm)

We will aim to post the Provisonal Results on Webscorer by 2 pm with a quick selection of photos......then by 5 pm  any adjustments that are needed.

This year we will have 2 - 3 photographers, and we are looking at posting around 200 photos of paddlers, both on the water and around the briefing and spot prizegiving areas.

The process of editing all the photos between 3 cameras takes a bit of time. Scrolling and editing our way through around 600 + photos and getting the most flattering and lively photos, and we should have this task completed by 5 pm....then we will add all these photo to the earlier album / post

All we ask is that paddlers enter in the week prior, this helps us spread the registration work out.....and saves you a cue on the day.
Entering early assists us to be be super organised on the day, and have everything running on schedule, it also assists us with the purchase of the spot prizes....which include our usual cash spot prizes.

Until then we look forward to responding via email by clicking on the link here for detail - 

Both Sharlene and Chester, the Event Team and Photographers look forward to seeing you March 22.