Tuesday, August 6, 2019

2019 Welly Paddlers - Foxton Loop Race

Saturday August 31 - 2019 Foxton Loop Race
Registration from 9.30 am
briefing at 10.45 am
Start 11.00 am

This event needs to be run on the very highest of the spring tides.....hence the start time being later than most events we organise.....please note that the event is on SATURDAY.

Previously Organised by Ruahine White Water Club for the past 28 years...this event is now being Organised by *** Welly Paddlers *** and the good news is that we are returning to the original venue in the Foxton Township.

The Event start / finish is at the end of Wharf St - 300 metres from the main street of Foxton....this is behind "Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom" - The Dutch Maori Museum.

We will have 3 x distance options :

12 km (Long course) - head north out the wide section of the loop, turn left once you've reached the Manawatu River, paddle approx 1.25 km then turn anti clock wise (from right to left) around the first island (marked in red) then back to the finish..... the start / finish buoy is marked in yellow.

                                          click on any photo to enlarge

6 km - short course head south - 2 x laps back up the skinny section of the loop
and back the same way....... the start / finish buoy is yellow.....the turn buoy is marked in red
                                          click on any photo to enlarge

3 km - short course head south - 1 x lap back up the skinny section of the loop and back the same way......the start / finish buoy is yellow.....the turn buoy is marked in red

The main condition of entry is that you need to LIKE the Welly Paddlers facebook page so that you are engaged in recieving the event news feeds. All paddlers must read all the event info before the event - as this shortens the time the safety briefing takes.

Open to :
all kayaks - all waka ama - all surf skis - adventure racing doubles - prone paddle boards - stand up paddle boards - surf canoes

All paddlers must wear a PFD, all kayaks must use spray skirts, all ocean racing surf skis must wear a leg leash, all waka ama must carry a bailer (unless a sit on top ocean waka)

Late entry fee of an extra $10 per craft after......Thursday August 29 th at 5 pm....late entries will be taken on the day.

                                          sample of some of the spot prizes on offer

Entry Fees :
$30 singles
$50 doubles
$60 W3's
$60 surf canoes
$90 W6's

Under 18 and 65+......50% discount on above fees

There will be 3 x event updates on the Welly Paddlers Facebook page on the Monday Wednesday and then the Friday in the week leading up to the event.....these posts will show weather and water levels and any courses changes

Entry to wellypaddlers@gmail.com
Online payment - Welly Paddlers - Kiwibank 38-9016-0568806-02
Please use your - "Surname" or "Team name".....on the online banking payment "reference box"

*** We recycle ***
If you have an existing "Welly Paddlers" event number on your craft from one of our previous Welly Paddlers events...... please let us know this event number when you enter......some people have a few craft......and each craft has it's own number.

Any inquiries 022 6455 820 Emergency event number on the day is 027 4581 005

Also don't forget to also support the Wairarapa Multisports Clubs - 28 km / 12 km - Ruamahanga River Race the week before on Sunday August 25 http://www.wmsc.org.nz/Kayaking/Ruamahanga-Race

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Lower North Island Events rocking along

Welly Paddlers have been part of a big effort along with both the Whanganui Kayak Club, Mana Kayak Racing Club Organising the four Central Region Paddle events were part of the Canoe Racing New Zealand "Kayak Krazy 10 km / 5 km / 2.5 km Series.

Over the 4 x Events there well over 50 Paddlers supporting each event and this was due to the awesome support of Surf Life Saving Clubs, Waka Ama Clubs, various Kayak Clubs and also individual multisporters all coming together to boost the numbers of this traditionally, in the past, K1 focused event.

These events are now dominated by surf ski, waka ama and multisporters who make up around 65 % of all entries.

Moving along we are now heading into another block of Events which will bring out a good portion more paddlers that may not have attended any of the CRNZ events.

These events are all worth supporting and again help pass the winter by......by pushing ahead through to Spring, which by keeping moving, Summer will be here before you know it.

We are really looking forward to Organising the "Foxton Loop Race" which will see the most diverse array of craft that you've seen at any event before. Expect to see the following craft :

stand up paddle boards - prone paddle boards - waka ama  W1, W2 & W6 - surf life saving surf skis boards and surf canoes - multisport kayaks - sea kayaks - ocean racing surf skis - K1 & K2 - adventure racing doubles


Aug 4 "Cold Kiwi Series" Event THREE - Hataitai Beach, Wellington - 7 km & 3.5 km

Aug 25 The Ruamahanga River Race - Martinborough - 28 km www.wmsc.org.nz/Kayaking/Ruamahanga-Race

Aug 31 "Foxton Loop Race" - Cold Kiwi Series Event FOUR - 12 km / 6 km / 3 km

click on any photo to enlarge

Sunday, June 9, 2019

3 Rivers Paddle Event

The name of this event pays tribute to a long running Hawkes Bay Multisport event in the 80's  & 90's called "The 3 Rivers" Organised by Janet and Bill Turvey.

This event is part of the Canoe Racing New Zealand 10 km / 5km / 2.5km "Kayak Krazy Winter Series" and also one of 4 events of the Welly Paddlers "Cold Kiwi Series"

The aim of the event was to primarily see that Hawkes Bay has an event in the "2019 Kayak Krazy Series" and that it will continue to thrive well into in the future.
For the Welly Paddlers Team of Sharlene Winiata and Chester Burt it is a return to Hawkes Bay where we lived from 1991 through to 2000. We would also like to see that this event equally engages all the paddle sports in Hawkes Bay which includes K1, waka ama, surf life saving, multisport, ocean racing surf skis & sea kayaks.

          short course - click on any image to enlarge

2.5 km (1 lap) short course - under 14's
5 km (2 lap) short course - under 16 - under 18 - novices
12 km long course Seniors - anyone not wanting to do this course, can choose the 5 km short course

               long course - click on any image to enlarge

Two crucial pieces of information :

1. Event detail here : https://www.facebook.com/events/403651980399191/

2. All paddlers please LIKE the "Welly Paddlers" Facebook page to engage in the pre event news feeds of weather, course changes and updates. If the weather is inclement or the Ngaruroro River is severly flooded we may need to move the event into the Pandora Pond and Estuary areas in Napier......we will post 3 event updates on the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday prior to the event.

Please be aware that there will not be a knock up cuppa and food post event......however the paddlers will be in the mix for some great spot prizes and cash which will all come from the event entry fees. We will be heading to one of the cafe's in Clive to have a snack and catch up after the event, so all welcome to join in.

Our aim is to post the results on our Face book page within 1 hour of the event and also include a series of 12 quick photos....which will be added to the same evening of the Event.

This event is one of 30 Events that we Organise for the Paddle community. We hold an event every month and also Organise a weekly Paddle Series in Porirua.

Our two key Events are "The Motorway Classic" (Wellington -March 23, 2020) & "The Foxton Loop Race" (Foxton - August 31, 2019)
View the Event Calendar on the left hand side of this page for more.

We look forward to seeing you all at Clive

regards Sharlene & Chester