Sunday, June 9, 2019

3 Rivers Paddle Event

The name of this event pays tribute to a long running Hawkes Bay Multisport event in the 80's  & 90's called "The 3 Rivers" Organised by Janet and Bill Turvey.

This event is part of the Canoe Racing New Zealand 10 km / 5km / 2.5km "Kayak Krazy Winter Series" and also one of 4 events of the Welly Paddlers "Cold Kiwi Series"

The aim of the event was to primarily see that Hawkes Bay has an event in the "2019 Kayak Krazy Series" and that it will continue to thrive well into in the future.
For the Welly Paddlers Team of Sharlene Winiata and Chester Burt it is a return to Hawkes Bay where we lived from 1991 through to 2000. We would also like to see that this event equally engages all the paddle sports in Hawkes Bay which includes K1, waka ama, surf life saving, multisport, ocean racing surf skis & sea kayaks.

          short course - click on any image to enlarge

2.5 km (1 lap) short course - under 14's
5 km (2 lap) short course - under 16 - under 18 - novices
12 km long course Seniors - anyone not wanting to do this course, can choose the 5 km short course

               long course - click on any image to enlarge

Two crucial pieces of information :

1. Event detail here :

2. All paddlers please LIKE the "Welly Paddlers" Facebook page to engage in the pre event news feeds of weather, course changes and updates. If the weather is inclement or the Ngaruroro River is severly flooded we may need to move the event into the Pandora Pond and Estuary areas in Napier......we will post 3 event updates on the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday prior to the event.

Please be aware that there will not be a knock up cuppa and food post event......however the paddlers will be in the mix for some great spot prizes and cash which will all come from the event entry fees. We will be heading to one of the cafe's in Clive to have a snack and catch up after the event, so all welcome to join in.

Our aim is to post the results on our Face book page within 1 hour of the event and also include a series of 12 quick photos....which will be added to the same evening of the Event.

This event is one of 30 Events that we Organise for the Paddle community. We hold an event every month and also Organise a weekly Paddle Series in Porirua.

Our two key Events are "The Motorway Classic" (Wellington -March 23, 2020) & "The Foxton Loop Race" (Foxton - August 31, 2019)
View the Event Calendar on the left hand side of this page for more.

We look forward to seeing you all at Clive

regards Sharlene & Chester

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Darcy Price NZ Ocean Series

2019-2020 Darcy Price NZ Ocean Surfski Series

The CRNZ Distance Paddling Committee are pleased to announce the establishment of the Darcy Price NZ Ocean Surfski Series, for the 2019-2020 season.
With this series we hope to:
-        Promote the sport & grow the paddling community,
-        Encourage paddlers to compete, challenge themselves & experience these fantastic events;
-        Provide a pathway for paddlers to compete in international surfski events.

The series has been named after Darcy Price, who sadly passed away in 2018. Born in Hawera, Darcy was one of the driving forces behind ski paddling in New Zealand, founding the King and Queen of the Harbour and the Takapuna Beach Series surfski races. He was also an accomplished anaesthetist and was well known in medical circles for his practice and research.
Most of all, he was a fantastic guy and enthusiastic paddling companion – many of us have fond memories of surfski adventures shared with Darcy. We feel that this is a fitting tribute to Darcy and that he would have loved the idea of promoting surfski paddling again in New Zealand, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy this great sport in some beautiful parts of the country.

These 5 events have been selected as pinnacle surfski races around New Zealand, with great potential for downwind ocean conditions & making the most of the NZ Coastline. They are all incredibly well run by enthusiastic organisers, who are keen & willing to include their events in this series.

1.                Poor Knights Crossing - Tutukaka. 7 September 2019

2.                King & Queen of the Harbour - Auckland. 30 November 2019.

3.                Bhutty Moore-morial Race -Tauranga. 1 February 2020

4.                King of the Bay - Nelson. 15 February 2020
            South Island surf ski Champs - Nelson. 16 February 2020

5.                Heads to Harbour Race - Whakatane. 25 April 2020
(New event. Details coming soon!)

A paddler’s best 3 races will count towards the series results, with a prizegiving at the final event. The specific races & dates will be open and may vary each year. It is seen as complementary to the established & broader, NZ Paddler Series (
One of these events will also be the 2020 NZ National Championship. These events will also form the selection criteria for the ICF Ocean Surfski Worlds teams annually.
Further details on the selection policy & points system will be released in the coming months.

Andrew Mowlem and the CRNZ Distance Paddling Committee.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

I love winter paddling

Most people baulk at winter it's too cold....a time of hibernation.

I prefer not to take any notice of the change in temperature instead referring to one of my favourite sayings.....there's no such thing is cold weather......just poor clothing choices.

A great way to pass winter buy is to just keep moving and the cold months just fly by.

June 8 one of my top three favourite events is "The Portage Race" based from the Picton Foreshore this event splits it's self between paddling on both the Queen Charlotte Sound and the Kenepuru Sound and portaging your craft between the sounds.

First up is a 10 km paddle to Torea Bay....then followed by a 2 km portage with your craft up and over the hill to Portage Bay in the Kenepuru Sound. Back on the water it's a 7 km paddle south to Te Mahia Bay then a 3 km portage to Misteltoe Bay then a final 10 km paddle on the Queen Charlotte Sound again heading out and around to the Picton Foreshore again.

If you don't want to tackle the portaging there is also a 10 km event kayaks surf skis and W1's and also a 20 km event for W6 waka ama

The event is held on the Saturday morning and from Wellington we usually take a mid afternoon Ferry on the Friday (and stay overnight in Picton) we take the walk on walk off option with our skis which costs around $140 return and the best option is to split a room at the Gateway Motel which is quiet and close to the start finish. We usually take the Ferry back to Wellington at about 6 pm the same day as the event
Entry detail here:

The faster paddlers can tear around this course in around 2 hrs 23 mins with those taking a more leisurely approach taking just under 4 hours

Below my split times from 2014
                     10km      2 km             7 km          10 km        Finish time
Chester Burt 48.01     1.03.33         1.39.30       2.00.00      2.54.25

Other than that here's some other events we'll be doing right up to July 7.

May 25 Lake Wiritoa Whanganui Kayak Club 10, 5 & 3 km CRNZ Winter Series
June 1 Cold Kiwi Series Event ONE - Dolly Vardon Beach 8 km & 4 km
Jun 8 The Portage Race - Picton 32 km, 20 km & 10 km
June 16 Matariki small craft event - 12 km - Hikoikoi Waka Ama Club
June 30 Onepoto - Mana Kayak Racing Club 10, 5 & 3 km CRNZ Winter Series
July 7    "3 Rivers Paddle Event" 12, 6 and 3 km Cold Kiwi Series & CRNZ Winter Series