Monday, September 16, 2019

Events coming up in Welly

                                          3 Rivers Paddle Event 2019

Welly Paddlers are kicking into another run of Events.

The Events we Organise....are about we always appreciate anyone who takes the time to join in and paddle with all our paddling mates.

Sep 29 Eastbourne Downwinder

Oct 2 Porirua Twilight Paddling

Oct 20 Ngati-Toa Reef Circuit

Nov 10 SUP + afters

Nov 17 Seatoun upwind Downwinder

Dec 22 Matiu Island Event

NOTE : Always view the event calendar on the left hand side of the page to see what's ahead.

                                            Foxton Loop Race 2019

Just a quick brief on the Events above.

  • We have 4 x pre Chrismas events which are part of the "Welly Paddlers Spring / Summer Series"
  • October 2 the pre Christmas edition of "Porirua Twlight Paddling" starts
  • Nov 10 we have the 2nd of our SUP+ afters.....the first one we held in April 2019

                                                           Motorway Classic 2019

Welly Paddlers Organise a weekend event every month right through the year.
Eastbourne Down winder 2013

"Porirua Twilight Paddling" comprises of 12 x weekly events before Christmas and then 11 x weekly events in the New Year.

Seatoun upwind Downwinder 2019

In 2018 Welly Paddlers we were part of the Wellington City Mission Walk of Fame fundraiser, funded from 2018 and 2019 Events. In 2019 we made a donation to Porirua Women's refuge from funds from our "Girls Only' Paddle Event at Dolly Vardon Beach.

Throughout the Calendar Year we Organise 35 - 40 Events and also support a number of other Events.

To assist us in running every event smoothly and safely all we ask is that participants read the event detail for each events and follow the updates on the "Welly Paddlers" Facebook Page.

Please note the "Welly Paddlers Group" on Facebook is for everyone to post their outings, adventures or general posts on paddling.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Foxton Loop Race round up

Huge thanks to everyone for supporting the revived Foxton Loop Race. 
We are sure the event will go from strength to strength from here on in, as it has done since 1988 when The Ruahine White Water Club first organised the event.

Thanks to everyone who travelled from Waitara, Whanganui, Wairarapa, Dannevirke, Palmerston North, Foxton, Bulls, Napier, Lower Hutt, Porirua and Wellington, with a mix belonging to kayak clubs, multisport clubs or are purely in it for fitness and looking after your general health and wellbeing.....and why not, paddling is so therapeutic !

From a Community perspective the people of Foxton just loved seeing some action on their beloved special waterway. The Community is working hard to see that action is taken to remedy some waterway engineering issues that have occurred over the years, that cause the river loop to block up with weed at the south eastern end of the river loop. When there are significant winter floods the loop is just able to be navigated, though it'quite narrow in parts. The offending blocked section below.

In 2020 we will again see there could well be some course amendments as we are mindful how windy it can be especially out on the Manawatu River. We also may just strike it lucky where we can paddle fully around the 12 km river loop circuit gaining momentum from the tide following us back through to the finish.

Next Year we will set up down by the boat ramp....the current venue provides close proximity to the centre of Foxton, outlook and viewing from inside Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom Museum... however it's less practical for launching craft......and not the best for taking photos of both starts.
In the old days the boat ramp area had been used at one point, though it was quite boggy when there can be set up issues at both ends.
Next year we will also start the Long course first....with two start times....then 5 minutes later start the short course,  to limit the wait around time for the spot prize giving for the short course.

The short course will also head out the same way as the long the waterway is too narrow for the 180 degree turns.... and next year with more paddlers we'll need more turning space for everyone.

This week - Look out for articles and photos in the Manawatu Evening Standard (online with Stuff) and the local papers Horowhenua Mail and Horowhenua Chronicle.

Event video Courtesy of Rueben Hill -

Results here -

This event is one that requires the highest spring tide to get around the narrow end of the loop.
So next year Saturday August 22 lines up as the best date. The event will also start at 1 pm as the tide takes extra time to fully reach Foxton from the Coast.

                                         Click on any photo to enlarge

In closing this year thanks to Sharlene for keeping things running smoothly in the registration and timing section. This year we were able assisted by our Niece Laurelle, Daniel, Shelley Butcher, Matt Warren and Bev Brown who lead the charge with all the old school baking.

The most important thanks to everyone who came along and paddled on Saturday for the travelling to get to Foxton and also all those who supported the paddlers by bringing craft on trailers and vehicles, it all come as a costs you time and fuel in your vehicles, so we really appreciate your efforts.

One last big thanks to Kayak HQ in Nelson for all the Adrenalin 2P thermal pants and tops that we purchased from their online shop

Welly Paddlers Events coming up.......

Downwind Event September 29 - Eastbourne
Details here - 

Monthly - Welly Paddlers Organise 1 x event every month between Wellington City, Petone and Porirua.

Weekly - Wednesday Twilight paddle series from Dolly Vardon Beach, by the Mana Bridge -
October 2 - December 18
January 8 - March 25
Details here -

Our biggest event is "The Motorway Classic" Sunday March 22 with 14 km, 6 km & 3 km distances attracting between 80 - 150 paddlers.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

2019 Welly Paddlers - Foxton Loop Race

Saturday August 31 - 2019 Foxton Loop Race
Registration from 9.30 am
briefing at 10.45 am
Start 11.00 am

This event needs to be run on the very highest of the spring tides.....hence the start time being later than most events we organise.....please note that the event is on SATURDAY.

Previously Organised by Ruahine White Water Club for the past 28 years...this event is now being Organised by *** Welly Paddlers *** and the good news is that we are returning to the original venue in the Foxton Township.

The Event start / finish is at the end of Wharf St - 300 metres from the main street of Foxton....this is behind "Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom" - The Dutch Maori Museum.

We will have 3 x distance options :

12 km (Long course) - head north out the wide section of the loop, turn left once you've reached the Manawatu River, paddle approx 1.25 km then turn anti clock wise (from right to left) around the first island (marked in red) then back to the finish..... the start / finish buoy is marked in yellow.

                                          click on any photo to enlarge

6 km - short course head south - 2 x laps back up the skinny section of the loop
and back the same way....... the start / finish buoy is yellow.....the turn buoy is marked in red
                                          click on any photo to enlarge

3 km - short course head south - 1 x lap back up the skinny section of the loop and back the same way......the start / finish buoy is yellow.....the turn buoy is marked in red

The main condition of entry is that you need to LIKE the Welly Paddlers facebook page so that you are engaged in recieving the event news feeds. All paddlers must read all the event info before the event - as this shortens the time the safety briefing takes.

Open to :
all kayaks - all waka ama - all surf skis - adventure racing doubles - prone paddle boards - stand up paddle boards - surf canoes

All paddlers must wear a PFD, all kayaks must use spray skirts, all ocean racing surf skis must wear a leg leash, all waka ama must carry a bailer (unless a sit on top ocean waka)

Late entry fee of an extra $10 per craft after......Thursday August 29 th at 5 pm....late entries will be taken on the day.

                                          sample of some of the spot prizes on offer

Entry Fees :
$30 singles
$50 doubles
$60 W3's
$60 surf canoes
$90 W6's

Under 18 and 65+......50% discount on above fees

There will be 3 x event updates on the Welly Paddlers Facebook page on the Monday Wednesday and then the Friday in the week leading up to the event.....these posts will show weather and water levels and any courses changes

Entry to

Name ...........................
Type of craft.................. i.e W1, W6, surf ski, multsiport, K1, SUP, prone, surf canoe
Distance........................ 12 km, 6 km or 3 km
Club.............................. either a club, or group, or none
Age .............................. or write Senior, Masters, Golden Masters

Online payment - Welly Paddlers - Kiwibank 38-9016-0568806-02
Please use your - "Surname" or "Team name".....on the online banking payment "reference box"

*** We recycle ***
If you have an existing "Welly Paddlers" event number on your craft from one of our previous Welly Paddlers events...... please let us know this event number when you enter......some people have a few craft......and each craft has it's own number.

Any inquiries 022 6455 820 Emergency event number on the day is 027 4581 005

Also don't forget to also support the Wairarapa Multisports Clubs - 28 km / 12 km - Ruamahanga River Race the week before on Sunday August 25