Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Injury treatment

Every now and again we all get a little broken and require some re allignment.....I'm just getting patched up at the moment.

All the stretching that's required is sometimes not enough for me and accidents do happen. Sometimes on ACC, physiotherapists don't quite cut the mustard...all the time.....not that they are all bad......sometimes we all require extra treatment as part of the total package. There are a number of providers that get us back to work and back to 100% again though not all are covered by ACC.......which is a real shame.

Trevor Hamilton is my go to guy when my body is a mess. Trevor is now in partnership at Functional Bodyworks with Rob Oschner. They are on level 5 at 12 Johnston street, Wellington City. Trevor is fantastic and he's kicking my tennis elbow into touch at the moment.

I also go to Lorraine Phillips at Chiropractic Care at 4 Khandallah Road in Ngaio.
 Lorraine and also Lacey Reedy both specialise in adaptive therapy which uses this adivator device that work's out what amount of pressure is required to re activate or stimulate body parts to loosen up and work as they should do.

These are my go to people......don't go for the no pain, no gain approach....get your body in tune if it's not quite working'll feel much better for it.

Thank you Trevor, Lorraine and Lacey...I really appreciate the work you all do.

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