Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cold Kiwi Series @ Onepoto

I don't think we could have asked for a better start for the first Cold Kiwi Series event for 2015.
Porirua City laid it on with a great Autumn day 11 degrees C and just a touch of breeze that hardly set a ripple on the water.

It's easy to say it's flat and too easy but when you are faced with 50 or so craft on the start line......many will agree it's hardly a flat water start with wash all over the place...and for many it takes a while to get into their own paddling groove.

Thanks to Sharlene and also Liz Ruatoto for all the work registering timing everyone as they came through to the finish many close together and Raewyn Anderson for taking charge of Sharlene's camera.

I apologise for my scratchey briefing today I'm a bit rusty...but promise to sharpen up by the time the next event comes along.
We constantly discuss the best way to amalgamate the craft into each event and are very mindful of tides, wind and wave directions which have an impact on smooth turns for all craft......some times we will have courses that work anti clockwise (or ama turn) and days like today we'll have them clockwise......which works best to create up and back leg separation of paddlers.

Next event we will have 3 start times to separate craft and also revert to sticking the tippy kayaks close to shore...... and those who are more stable in their craft slightly further out across the start line

Quick round up, we two course options that can easily converted to three.
The long course start by the Onepoto Jetty and headed past the Yacht Mooring poles opposite Whitireia Park around "tyre" then back to a buoy opposite the Rowing and Kayak Clubs x 2 laps.

The short course option was a buoy 1 km from the start (just before Te Onepoto Bay) and back to Onepoto this was also two was set to give all the SUP's an option of not bashing into the wind if it blew up.

As with most years we are having a major spot prize draw at the last event....the collecting of all the event funds allows us to buy some really meaningful prizes that will again be relative to all our sports.
Every event we will have 2 to 3 spot prizes. Today we had 2 x Adrenalin 2 P Thermal tops from Fergs Kayaks...they were won by Andrew Carey (second to last photo).... and Trevor MacDonald in (the last photo)

Event 3 or 4 we will be back to Porirua City.....but we'll time that event on a high tide.

The next event is June 21......and don't forget the Matariki Challenge at Petone has been shifted to July 4.

4 km short course

32:08 Darryn Irving  SUP 14 ft
34:09 Lei Faletolu     SUP 12.6
36.45 Traci Linders        SUP 12.6

1 lap of long course 3.75 km

21:10 Neil O'Brien
23:01 Rob Futter
26:13 Sharon Henderson

Long course 7.5 km

37:25 Glenn Muirhead K1
40:10 Andrew Carey SS
40:14 Chester Burt SS
40:39 Matt Archer K1
42:09 Joern Scherzer W1
42:22 Derek Cox MK
42:31 David McKnight SS
42:32 Kyle Christensen SS
42:42 Dave Dellabarca SS
43:34 Pa Taitoko W1
43:42 Barton Fletcher SS
43:54 Almost Golden W6
43:59 Les Morris SS
44:31 Peter Melling SS
44:39 Marianna Hodges W1
44:42 Sandy Winterton SK
44:50 George Faalogo W1
44:58 Sandbar Tahuna W6
45:01 Colin Crampton SS
45:03 John Toomath SS
45:08 Piki Emery W1
45:09 James Sadler W1
45:30 Karl Timu W1
45:53 Graham Daniel SS
46:09 Rueben Hill SS
46:49 Matt Penney MK
46:57 Owen Rodda SS
48:38 Pete Notman MK
48:57 Andy Hanara W1
49:02 Rodney Collier W1
49:12 Nicole Ranger MK
49:28 Terry Gardiner W1
50:37 Dennis Ngatai W1
51:05 Dick Dinsdale SS
51:51 Trevor MacDonald SK
52:05 Ross Heald MK
52:34 Paula Napier W1
53:43 Donna Walford-Collier W1
55:12 Jeff Chapman W1
55:34 Karl Le Quesne SUP 14 ft
56:04 Ann Bondy W1
58:17 Ray Baker-Underhill W1
60:52 Jillian Warren SUP 12.6
61:47 Eleni Fiso W1
64:27 Phil Weeks SUP 14 ft
65:50 Caroline Bartley W1
68:15 Amanda Rota W1

More photos on the Welly Paddlers Facebook page's the link

Click on any photo to enlarge

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