Saturday, May 23, 2015

Venue for tomorrow is Onepoto

We are going to go with Onepoto.

It's a tough call between both venues the wind direction is in no man's land on 3 wind/weather sites......but we are likely to get anything in between a south westerly, a westerly or about flip flopping like a jandal.

Any late changes to venue posted here on our Facebook know what our weather is like !

The long course will be 7.5 km  and we'll head up past the yachting poles and around the tyre....70 metres north of the last mooring pole......x 2 laps

The short course will be 4 km and we'll likely make past many of the Onepoto boat sheds.....(1 km from the start to the buoy)...and back...... x 2 laps

We will be down at the start by 8.15 am to register everyone.
Remember it is entry on the day..... so there will be a few people to get through so turning up late....and be you'll be in a cue.
briefing is at 9.35 am
We will start at 9.45 am for the long course
Short course start will be 9.47 am

Tomorrow it's going be 11 degrees C so warm clothing will be the order of the day.
PFD's you'll need these as well.
low tide is 7.40 am
high tide 1.49 pm

Pics from the 2014 Motorway Classic

click on any photo to enlarge

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