Thursday, June 4, 2015

On the Road

Like a few paddlers from Wellington.... I've been on the road over the weekend participating in an event in Auckland. A good number went to the 3D in Rotorua and even more went down to the Icebreaker event in well done everybody.

I'm still hanging around up North with the CRNZ 10 km event on Lake Karapiro this weekend.

The great thing about travelling is you get to see what happens at other events and look at all the work other Event Organisers put into their events. Between each area the Local Authorities also do something slightly different as well when it comes to scheduling, compliance and monitoring etc.

One issue we are faced with in Wellington is the use of PFD's....and should Welly Paddlers insist on everyone wearing them at event our events.

It's a real mixed bag because many don't even bother with them while out on the water during the week and sporting bodies and Clubs really don't keep a reign on paddlers while they are training.
At multisport events PFD's have been standard for other events everyone's under the illusion that a few motorboats is the safety net.

Well in "real time" situations they will never be where you need them to be in my view. Wearing a PFD is everyone's backstop

Many Sporting Bodies or Authorities have their rules on safety......and wearing PFD's carrying the correct do we Nanny State everyone and become volunteer rule enforcers ? Personally I'm a great believer in the Authorities using their legislation and issing fines for no compliance....the Police do it....get 1 or 2 fines for not wearing a seatbelt and after awhile you figure that money is better spent buying other things......two fines for not wearing a PFD...will actually pay for a PFD !!!

If you get hit by a motorised boat or your heart blows it's're stuffed if you are not wearing a PFD......and I'm not talking about the gas cartridge type either.....I'm talking about a real paddled closed cell foam one.....that floats every time you fall out.
I think it all comes down to personal responsibility and caring about your Whanau or Family..... that by wearing one you will come home to them after your session on the water.
What will they think if you drown....coulda, woulda, shoulda....are we going to play the blame game and look at pointing the finger elsewear......

There's no room for hero' responsible for your own actions....wear a proper PFD at all times.....and break the cycle......Personally a PFD and wear it !

Get yourself a real PFD like this one... the lightest on the market, high viz and only $185 at Fergs Kayaks

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