Thursday, April 2, 2015

Frequency of posts still to be improved on....

Hey while I've not been posting so much lately I've been out there "working it"

The Porirua Grand Traverse "PGT", work for Think Kayak, Welly Paddlers and getting in some paddling myself I've just about been burning the candle at both ends !

Still in catch up mode long days but reward will come over the next few months I'm sure.

Anyhow here's some pics from the PGT paddle recce on Sunday....and it was followed by a recce on the mountain bike course that 3 of the paddlers also did.
Monday I went paddling with Kevin O'Connor, who hosted Emily & Sean Rice for a BBQ when they were out from Capetown.

Tuesday it was......"Just one more".....Welly Paddlers squeezed in the very last twilight paddling gig for the summer.....the last one before daylight savings ends this don't foget to turn your clocks back an hour..... Sunday Morning at 2 am...or for many of us, before you go to bed on Saturday night.

Wednesday handing out flyers for paddling and tonight we have "Paddling Connections" from Hataitai Beach starting at 5.30 pm...and we'll run these all the way through to the end of May....because we can !

Anyhow enough gas bagging here's some pics.

click on any photo to enlarge

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