Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whanganui River Challenge

The Whanganui River Challenge is on this Saturday November 8.

There are 12 km & 4 km options.

It's only 2 hours from Wellington.....or 1.5 hours from Wellingtons Northern no excuses that it's too far....think road trip.......and a visit to the North Island Famous Kebab shop in Bulls on the way's an official Welly Paddlers compulsory stopping point on the way home.

Support these guys in Wanganui... and they'll come and support more of our events in Wellington.

For more info view the website link here or go to Wanganui Kayak Club on Facebook.

We've supported this event a number of times..... before like we do....with many watersports events as we can....we'll be there this year as well and Shaz will be on the water as well!......4km scoping around the course at her leisure...can't ask for more than that.....more people could easily take the same or participation....all the same all adds to the spectacle at the end of the day.....and face it we're all at these events to scoop up some fantastic spot prizes.

Whether you';re 14 or 6+ years young.... there's a place for you on the water anytime you choose to get out there and paddle with people, at events like these.

These images were again taken by Sharlene Winiata......and were from an event I did in Waitara, July 2012...I was pretty average on the water that year...but at least I made the effort to still make it to events and that is what matter's more than our personal your paddling mates, and fellow Event Organisers.

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Finally it's Guy Fawkes night tonight...everyone please act safe and be safe around Fireworks.

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