Monday, November 3, 2014

Twilight kayaking in Welly

 Every Tuesday the regular gig carries on business as usual during the daylight savings hours NZT.

In NZ we turn our clocks forward 1 hour early October......and turn them back late crib some extra daylight at the end of our working days and weekends.

Anyhow the Twilight Paddling starts at 6.30pm.....once everyone has weaved their way through the traffic to get to Hataitai Beach in Evans Bay......(though Bosses in workplaces should let staff finish
early these nights) and everyone will be way more productive for the rest of the working week :-)

There's usually a course for each strength of Northerly and Southerly breeze as I call them the (Metservice refers to some as strong or gale)....not sweating it in the Windy City there's always plenty of shelter for the tippy kayaks.....or owners who feel the wobble of these boats.

It's horses for courses in our City...bring two options and pick the best one for that night I say.

See you there tomorrow night.

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