Friday, November 7, 2014

A Weekend of Paddling

NZ Post Waka Ama Challenge (Sunday)

This one's on Sunday morning.... it's being Organised by Chris Fox. It's about providing one of Waka Ama NZ's Key Sponsors a day on the water for their staff.

They have already had a few training sessions and on Sunday they have a series of 300 metre races in the W6 Waka Ama (6 person Outrigger Canoes)

If the wind forecast is too knarly for the Frank Kitts Park area they will be transferring the event to a course that runs from Greta Point down to towards the Evans Bay Yacht and Motorboat Club.

If you need to know more get hold of Chris on 027 651 5379

Whanganui River Challenge (Saturday)

This one's being organised by the Wanganui Kayak Club in conjunction with Sport Wanganui.

The main events are the 12 km and 4 km course and they also have a few novelty events before these start.

This event should have between 60 to 100 paddlers on the any event it comes down to how many people are passionate about supporting them....hey Welly Paddlers will be there....we get to just about everything we can !

South Beach SUP'rs...Raumati, Kapiti Coast (Sunday)

Our good stand up paddling mates will be out on the water from 10 am at Raumati South just paddling, hanging out and chewing the phat.
When we get hungry which will be around high noon.....we'll all be rolling into one of the local cafes to pump some dosh through their tills.

Bring any board you like......leave the propoganda behind.......this activity is for the big band of laid back stand up paddle board locals up the Coast.......and you'll be very surprised how many you'll see up there.

Have the bestest weekend possible on the water where ever you are....peace out.

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