Thursday, October 16, 2014

Forecast for Saturday's down winder

The wind could go either way for Saturday's down winder in the Porirua Harbour Plimmerton zone.

So far we are getting a 30 kmh NW dropping off and changing to a light Southerly mid afternoon.....but that could change quite quickly.

Blake asked today about getting vehicles to the finish...well we'd like people to either get a non kayaking mate or partner to bring you back to the start after dropping your car to the finish...bring along a wife or partner or get to the start early and hook up with someone to do a shuttle well before the start.

If you leave it till later..shuttling can easily be can also put spare dry gear in our van at the start.

I'll place a post back here by 2pm tomorrow ( Friday) to give everyone a more exacting start location.

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