Friday, October 17, 2014

APB for tomorrow's downwinder ONE

Forecast 30 kmh North/North/Westerly gusting to 40 kmh.

Start will be at 9 am on the Beach near the Plimmerton Boating Club.....we'll be there from 7.45am

The finish will be at the buoy by the Jetty opposite the Whitireia Polytechnic.

There will be two courses:

Long course: Plim. to Whitireia then to a buoy by the Onepoto jetty then back to Whitreia 9 km
Short course: Plim. to Whitreia direct line 6.5 km

The entry fee is $10.

Buoyancy vests must be worn, leg leashes for surf skis....(unless they are SLS spec skis)

Event open to: surf skis, waka ama, sea kayaks and adventure racing doubles

There will be a couple of small spot prizes but we will be building a pool for Event THREE...which is before Christmas.

Get there early to shuttle each others vehicles....or arrange post event shuttling with other can place dry gear in our van if you are not part of the pre event shuttling.

These events require paddlers to communicate with each other and to be organised early....leading up to the other Coastal events everyone will need to be super organised for those, if your not the wrong event... so we all have to use Down winder ONE as practice to getting ourselves organised.


These Events require Optimal Safety and Organisational Practices as an Event Organiser I need to keep our eye on the ball of the exacting on Water Management side of these Events.....all we ask is for paddlers to look after "the on land stuff."

If you can't quote this above posting on this site we don't want you on the water for Down winder TWO, THREE or the "Kapiti Mana Downwinder"

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