Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend been....and the week and weekend ahead.

We've just come back from the Ruamahanga River Race where a few of us popped over the hill from Wellington, Levin and Palmerston North to attend. Chester did a sneaky and went for a recce down the river on the Thursday when the river was running higher at around 80 cumecs.....but on the day the river was around 60 cumecs....not a bigger the shortcuts were already well discovered and put to good use during the event.

Heather Kirkham was one of 4 ladies doing the event and did well on her Think Eze surf ski finishing the 19 km short course 1 minute behind Brian Grace who was keeping her company....the other ladies were in a double on the long course Mary McBride and Katherine Allan and Rebecca with her partner Richard Lawrence in one of the two Teams that entered.

With the River flows up quite bit the times were pretty close between the first and the second pack of paddlers home with a 20 minute difference...when the flows are as low as 14 cumecs this gap tends to blow out to around 30 to 40 minutes with everyone having to work harder.

Big thanks to Jane Cullen and Andrew Pawson and all the members of the Wairarapa Multisport Club for running another great event.

To view more events from the Club... like their summer kayak series 


"Paddling Connections" hits the water again on Thursday......with sessions at 4.30 pm and also 6 pm. With the weather warming up and some of the chilly conditions we can get around the 7 pm time frame we'll get a few more keen to join us.

Karl Le Quesne joined us on the SUP last week and kept a good pace chasing the girls on their skis.....I'll take our board out on one of the sessions just to mix things up a bit...and take the ski on the other session.

You can view photos that Sharlene took by viewing the Welly Paddlers Facebook page...the photos should be on there with in the next hour click the link here


"Welly Paddlers Downwind Series"

The first event starts this Saturday with a 9 am start

The course has both North South options with the start being from either Whitireia or the Beach by the Plimmerton Boating Club.

Their will be two course options 6.5 km direct route...or the 9 km (which has a cheeky up and back Onepoto to Whitireia.

The entry fee for the the first three events is
$10 for singles
$15 doubles

There will be no safety craft on the course.....PFD's must be all paddlers...leg leashes for all surf skis.

(The entry fee for the Kapiti Mana 26km downwinder Jan 24/25 will be $50 singles)

Open to surf skis, waka ama, sea kayaks and adventure racing doubles


Think Kayak surf ski demo day.... WELLINGTON

Saturday November 1

9 am - 12 noon

Hataitai Beach (if a northerly)
Marina by Cobham Drive (if a southerly above 25 kmh)

surf skis of all widths:

Big Eze.......560 mm wide
Eze............. 510 mm wide
Evo II..........470 mm wide
Ion.............. 450 mm wide
Uno Max.... 430 mm wide

If you can't get to the demo session go and check all the skis out at Fergs Kayaks

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