Monday, March 24, 2014

Outlook for Sunday

"The 2014 Motorway Classic" is an event....... not a race. Why is it an event Chester? Well because if you promote these activities as "Races" it seems people tend to steer clear of them with a 40 foot barge pole!

That's my message it's clear and it's simple, just like the event.

You can turn up and paddle the course at what ever pace you like it doesn't have to be all about speed or busting a boiler but if you have
good fitness and have been putting in good miles go hell for level if you wish :-)

Today is the first update for the week and here's how the weather looks to be panning out for Sunday:
A North Westerly between 30 kmh and 40kmh.... which looks pretty good to me, the coastline from Te Puni Honiana Reserve down to the Interislander Reclamation offers plenty of just have to take advantage of paddling close to the shoreline on many
parts of the courses.

The traditional course is 13km and there is also a 2 lap 5 km short course on offer for all kayaks, wama ama and surf skis.

The course options for the stand up paddle boarders are 2.5km and 5 km. You will see a number of people paddling in what I'd call the true spirit of this event.......I'm talking about dogs on boards with their owners, Dads, Mums and Unkels and Aunties with a child on board or accompanying their young one's around the short course.

Please read the event flyer on the right hand side of this page. "The Motorway Classic"...... "an event for everyone"

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