Saturday, March 22, 2014

Directors Meeting

This is how we roll. As the Organisers for the odd activity we put on for the Paddling Community out there, most of our discussion on how we're going to run an event on the day comes down to both our experiences of actually being on the water frequently, and today is just another day at the Office.

This morning kicked off with an 8.15am interview with Star Olsen at Atiawa Toa FM. We were on the Sports round up and gave a brief about this weekends event at Te Puni Honiana Reserve.

At 10 am we were on the water on Oriental Parade. Sharlene usually says "I don't want to hold you
up you go for a spin with any passing kayaker".
A few members from the Kupe Canoe Club had been out just after 8 am so we missed them, but I was lucky enough to catch up with Pete Sutton who was doing a long paddle in preparation for the 3 day M2C Multisport event from March 4 - 6.

The M2C is a reincarnation of the old Mountains to Sea event from the 1990's, I did it once as an individual and once in a team. To check out info on this event yes I am the poster boy for this event on the surf ski on the bottom of their page :-)

I have seen the odd post on Facebook pages recently and from people also saying there are so many events on and why do they all clash.

The answer is simple........ it's really not rocket science all these events are posted on around 4 to 6 websites. Event Organisers have to start using their noodles and making themselves aware of where their markets are. The worst examples are having two like events (or with the same audiences) just 3 or 4 hours down the road from each other.

All they have to do, if they don't know future event dates, is just contact a few of the Organisers of these events and ask.

We avoid clashes where possible, but when others make late changes you have to stick to your the end of the day sometimes you just can't fix stupid!

This week is weather watching for "The Motorway Classic". I'll go out on the course and also alternate courses on weather patterns similar to those we'll get on Sunday and plot the very best and positive courses possible.
Our job is complex we cater for four sports and we have to time the starts and distances correctly so the waka ama, surf skis, kayaks and SUP's aren't obstructing each other towards the end of the event......a log jam is neither productive for the paddlers and also those who are taking timing and accounting for all the paddlers out on the course.

Every two days we'll give an update, which will form the basis for many of the safety instructions on the day..........we know what you're all like (me included) we all usually get distracted at events during briefings

Every Paddler should be viewing this site to get the vital information for this event......full stop.

Photos: Oriental Bay, Pete Sutton off Scorching Bay, me at event in Warkworth in 2012, Sharlene and I just finishing our sessions.

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