Friday, November 8, 2013

Make hay while the sun shines

No I haven't been's a saying alright :-) O.k. I'll stop playing in riddles I've had a good stretch of 5 days where I've been out most days sometimes twice, on the SUP then, the surf ski.

Yesterday I had another double, double on the SUP in the morning on the Fanatic Falcon 12' 6" x 30 carbon board then on the surf ski in Think Evo II Ultimate. Funny thing was that it was windier in the morning, and SUP's don't make as quick a progress upwind as surf skis can, so I had a good
upwind and downwind work out there......of course in the afternoon the wind drops...... ha classic!

Around the Queens Wharf area I breezed past a couple of the tall ships that were involved in the Trans Tasman tall ships race.
On the Oriental Parade stretch it was easy to spot a bunch of swimmers, who were clearly visible with bright swim caps on, recently there has been a bit of bother along there when a swimmer
was run over by a rowing skiff !!
The Harbour Master is involved with a few groups to sort this one out, remember if you're paddling be careful with what you are doing also, the Harbour Master is keeping an eye on all of us, he gathers information and at the end of the day all roads lead to the Harbour Masters Office!

Today was an interesting day for anyone flying into Wellington.....I know you're thinking it's windy here again...........but no this time the airport was hit again by the dreaded sea fog......there'll be some scratchy air travelers after today's over I'd say. On the flip side the fog was only in patches and the CBD and all my paddling areas were well clear by lunchtime!

This weekend is Event TWO of the Mana SUP Series run by Ocean Outfitters. This event is a down winder to view more details click here

Photos: SUP'n towards Oriental Parade Beach, Think Evo II Ultimate view towards Point Jerningham, Tall Ships, Swimmers, Think Ion performance heading upwind into the Southerly in Evans Bay towards the sea fog, and SUP event at Point Howard.

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