Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Easy surf ski remounts

Surf skis are really versatile and can be used in a variety of conditions. They can actually be really easy to remount and this has been really well demonstrated by this video that Alex Mathews put together in Vancouver Canada, the home of Think Kayak. 

A nice plug to our good mates at Deep Cove Outdoors as well....... hi to Bob Putnam and the Team over there.

Closer to home here's a video that Dave McKnight out together from a session out at Plimmerton he's paddling with Graham Daniel who as you'll see kindly tips him off his ski after his own :-)

It's not all about racing or events for owners of many surf skis and Stand Up Paddle boards we're all just happy to be out on the water getting some exercise or riding some waves.

While I'm paddling a couple of reasonably quick surf skis like the Think Evo II and Think Ion pictured
it's not all about the fast skis in the Think Range they also have the Think Eze in the following clip and also it's big brother the Think Big Eze. Both these skis are at Fergs Kayaks Wellington and they are there to hire, great if you just want to go for spin at any time and are not ready for the out lay of buying a new surf ski.

Another reminder..... if you're into surf ski/Ocean Paddling......Molokai Legend Oscar Chalupsky is running some Coaching clinics in Auckland from December 16 through Fergs Kayaks refer to or email

Click on the link to play and click on the photos
to play the other videos.


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