Tuesday, November 5, 2013

E Bay water sports day

 I've been waiting for a day like this for ages it seems..........well a nice day midweek to go paddling when I'm not working. Better still a few SUP paddlers were out tonight just before the Twilight Kayak Series. I stopped to have a yak with Alex Dean who went for a 7 km spin around the Fountain following another guy on a SUP and Karl Le Quesne did the same and of course Ruth Highet was out on her SUP with dog Pinot.

I skipped out on my SUP for 50 minutes just after 2pm tearing around the twilight kayak course while the 25 kmh Northerly was still pushing good waves down Evans Bay.

Home for a quick graze and repack the gear and a surf ski then back to the twilight
kayaking which starts at 6.30pm. I'm going turn about with the Think surf skis every Tuesday and this week the Think Ion performance had a good squirt around the 7 km course around to Oriental Parade and back. I had good company, not only with 30 or so other kayakers, but with Dave Rudge and
Jerome Sheppard in a double kayak and I think we made it around the course in a steady as she goes 36 minutes or so.
For info on the twilight series http://manakayakracing.wordpress.com/ and 

Photos: Today on the SUP heading down towards one of the twilight series turn points and pivot turn hitting the downwind section, a line up from a previous twilight kayaking event, Karl LeQuesne at the Winter series in Evans Bay, and "Movie Guy" at the same event.

I'll miss the next few weeks of twilight kayaking working night shifts so I will return to them in 3 weeks time.

This weekend is EVENT TWO of the Mana SUP Series, hosted by Ocean Outfitters, it's a down winder........ to check out info on this event click here https://www.facebook.com/OceanOutfitters.co.nz 

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