Sunday, November 3, 2013

SUP'n at Plimmer's

This morning we went to the first ever SUP event run by Capital Paddlers. The event base on Plimmerton's South Beach by Moana Avenue.
The first course was a novice course of 1km heading North along the beach and back again with a few extra people opting to do this course as a warm up. The course for experienced paddlers used this same
stretch before heading around the point into Karehana Bay then turning at the Plimmerton Boating on then back again.

The novice course actually had quite a tricky stretch of wind and backwash of waves from the seawall on the Northern end of the beach, which the experienced paddlers also handled before turning the
corner for more consistent winds and small waves on both their upwind and downwind legs.

At the moment you just can't judge our weather from one minute to the next so all and all a great first up effort from Capital Paddlers........who are Stu Hiddleston (today timing) Hans Wannemacher, Rob Collins and Brodie McGregor.....also today
Brodies brother was taking photos, which you will see on their facebook page along with results shortly.

Photos: Briefing, Lei, Chas (the go to guy) Brodie tailing along with Sharlene, the view from South Beach looking North.
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