Sunday, October 13, 2013

Night Paddling

Introduced Sharlene to something different to our usual Stand Up paddle Board sessions. On Saturday night the harbour was like glass in the Capital so we set out from Freyberg Beach on the Fanatic Ray and Fanatic Falcon just on dusk and paddled around the City Waterfront wharves in the dark.

You see the city in a completely different light from the water and at night it's an experience on an entirely new level. Of course we were Harbour Master compliant with leg leashes,
PFD's and the compulsory white light or head lamps. There was plenty
of street lighting to guide us where we needed to go but the headlamps gave better visuals of us to other boaties cruising about at the same time,  and also we were being pointed out by many couples plying the wharf areas by foot. A great hour out on the water finishing up just before 9 pm.

On Friday had a good spin on the Think Ion around to Oriental Parade and Sunday afternoon around Evans Bay on the Think Evo II..........over 3 days all the water sports gear in the fleet has been out on the water.........if all the gears being used there's no temptation to sell any of it on Sportzhub or Trade Me!

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