Friday, October 11, 2013

I'd like that one.....and that one.....and

Here's another sneak preview of the image sets I've been putting together for potential Think Kayak customers.

I couldn't get all the models lined up together this Season because of the weather and getting all the models best thing is a combination of last years and this years images.
Photo 1: has the Ion performance, Evo II Ultimate , Eze and Big Eze in performance construction.
Photo 2: has the Uno Max & Think Evo II in the Elite construction and the Evo II and Eze in performance construction.
Photo 3: Ultimate, Elite and Performance constructions.
Photo 4: Think Ion lined up next to the Think Uno Max. 
Photo 5: Think Eze next to the Think Big Eze..........two great entry level skis and good to get the family or mates out on the water with you.

The photos have been taken at Fergs Kayaks in Wellington, Think Kayak Australia base at Rose Bay Sydney and Welly Paddlers base in Miramar Wellington.

Prices for the various models:

Performance (orange stripe) $3400
Elite (yellow stripe) $4400
Ultimate (carbon/yellow stripe) $6000

Click on any photo to enlarge

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