Friday, September 6, 2013

1 day to go!

I have changed this post after posting it last night, then being frozen out from making corrections before I had the chance to edit it properly.

The final event of the Welly Paddlers Winter Series is on this Sunday September 9 at Ngati Toa Domain. It starts at 10 am..... but it will pay to get there early to register with Tania and Joern and also set your gear up, as this all takes time.

A few days ago I mentioned that Olympic Kayaking Legend Ian
Ferguson would be down for this event. Ian had a change of plans and instead came down on Wednesday and Thursday this week, so won't be here this time around.
Some of the SUP boys informed me that there are 2 or 3 paddlers coming down from Auckland to the event............I'm not mentioning any names now, we'll wait and see who turns up!

This weekend will offer it's usual challenges catering for a range of craft and skill levels, I'm expecting that the weather Gods will look after everyone who turns up for the last event of this Series, with friendly conditions on the water and a bit of sun on our backs to keep us warm through to the presentation of all those spot prizes from our Series Sponsor Fergs Kayaks.

Today it was a typical windy day on the water, in Evans Bay spotted Hans Wannemacher out there doing an upwind run up to Point Jerningham then downwind again back to Hataitai Beach. I
was out running some short loops in Evans Bay just to keep things ticking over.

There will be two courses on offer this Sunday......... for  updates on this weekends event view here

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