Sunday, September 8, 2013

Winter Series wrap up

Hey big thanks to every paddler who took part in any one, three (or all) of the Winter Series events for 2013, without you all we wouldn't have the spectacle we've had every three weeks on the water.

To all the event Organisers and helpers from us paddlers..........We all appreciate you putting your hands up for each of the events. Tayna and Joern Scherzer, Turi and Pania Hodges, Chris Fox and Sharlene
and myself...........and to all our extended support people who have helped us all out in one way or another.

Thanks again to Dave Annear at Fergs Kayaks for coming on board
with us and taking care of the organising of all the spot prizes. We collected a smidge over $1000 and Fergs Kayaks turned this into just over $2800 worth.

Our local SUP paddlers also appreciated having Jeremy Stephenson from Starboard in Auckland and Felipe Alonso Dos Santos (one of the Starboards sponsored paddlers) who also works for Fergs
Kayaks in Auckland for supporting our last event........thanks for coming down and to our local paddlers who have supported and mingled with the boys while here, we hope you had a safe trip back to Auckland.

Finally thanks to all W6, W1 and W2 paddlers, sea kayakers, multisport, surf ski and SUP paddlers for allowing us to blend you
all in on the same stretch of water during the Series. We all continue to learn from our experiences running these events and to talk about them, and improve what we do.

We all now head off to support various events our respective sports have on offer during the summer and we'll also see more people start to organise events over this time.

For the results from todays event go to  Here's a selection of photos from today.
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