Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welly merchandise & Thursday SETS

If you're interested in some alternative Club/Groupy tops, here's some samples of the 2012 Collection from Welly Paddlers.............well stuff.
The Clothing is AS Colour and you can view the full range at the AS Colour  shop in lower Cuba Street Wellington.............or view online

We get all the tops and vinyl logo print work through Verboom in Wellington, big thanks to Phil. 

The 3 tops in the first photo are the "Vector Hood" and "Paper "tee shirts, hoodie available with zipper as well, and a range of colours, the tees are available in various colours and styles.

The 2 tops are from the womens range a "Bevel" tee shirt and the "Slouch" long sleeve top.
The tees are $25, hoodies $60 and slooch top $35 all tops are approx pricings...........bulk ordering will see the prices reduced.

Weekly Thursday surf ski and sup SETS

Well there is going to be a lull in the wind at around midday to 3pm then it's going to pick up again....... but hopefully not till around 7 pm fingers crossed.
Anyhow we'll be based at Hataitai Beach from 5.30pm, as there's a bit of shelter for us to paddle around in circles out of the big winds which whistle through a few spots further out in the Bay.

Don't be put off by the wind, we'll show you how you can paddle SUP into the wind then whizz back down wind using your body as a sail........along with the paddling of course.

A good chance for anyone to talk SUP, paddle around, chew the fat and try other boards.

Chester 022 6455 820 or Sharlene 027 4581 005 for further info.

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