Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10/10 for consistency Lyall Bay!

Well a bit of a gentle zephyr blowing in Wellington ......nothing new there ...... what the weekly Tuesday Twilight racing is cancelled ....... get outa here. So it was a 40 kmh Northerly gusting to 70 kmh.
I think everyone was taking the mickey tonight. A number of kayakers turned up with kayaks on their cars looking around for the Mana crew no one to be seen, after a while they thought why bother and took off.
A few of the hearty Kupe Canoe Club people did get out for a spin. The Lyall Bay Surf Life Savers many of whom were in K1's didn't seem to fazed ........ in fact they were grinning from ear to ear ........ even Walter was smiling.

If we had, in fact had a race tonight at least there would have been 15 to 20 Surf Life Savers more than happy to come to anyone's rescue.........talk about having all the bases covered :-)

I was on my surf ski and was on the water at 5.30pm as per usual. There among the usual gusts of wind there was actually some good paddling conditions and skills to be tested.
On the water tonight was Trent son of "Movie Guy" in a K1 and earlier he was in the K2 with "Shipwreck". There was a bit of swapping around with some of the Clubbies taking turns in the K2 with all seeming to be mastering it quite well.
As usual Lyall Bay's surf ski Coach Craig Jones had everyone running sets of sprints with the faster bunch starting about a minute behind some of the younger juniors.

They may not be racing in the regular Tuesday night Series but it is always great to see bunches of surf ski paddlers racing around on the Wellington City waterways, no matter what the weather.

Good on yer people.

On other activities the Welly Paddlers surf ski and sup SETS are every Thursday till December 20...... view here 24 hours before the start date to reveal the final start venue, as we move around to get the best start locations for the SUP's.

N.B. Greta Point does have good shelter to run a course in windy conditions, especially at low tide as we had last night.
Mana KRC did send a generic e-mail out about the cancellation at 4.39pm...............51 minutes before the start of the event.

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