Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday sup SETS

Party of one.............whoop, whoop.
Well actually I wasn't really out by myself tonight I had the company of the Lyall Bay S.L.S. Club training squad again ,who were on surf skis and K1's.

Yeah it looked worse than it was but the good thing about Hataitai Beach is that it has the best shelter from a Northerly in the Eastern Suburbs of Wellington. The shelter is good especially on the upwind sections then you nudge out into the Bay some more, then you're surfing and in the wind you also become a human sail.

As I do, I looked at the Met Service website before and after our paddle and tonight we were getting a NW of 35kmh gusting through to 55 kmh................not that bad at all, a good work out on the SUP and I wouldn't call it difficult conditions to paddle in either.

The best time to paddle was actually this morning, there was a nice little 30 kmh Northerly, without the gusts we had later in the day, and with this a number of the Kupe Canoe Club members were out early, they must have been on the water at around 6 am and there were about 12 or so in multisport singles and doubles with the odd surf ski thrown in for good measure.

The weekend looks good with a moderate SW for Saturday and a moderate NW for Sunday looks like good surf ski weather to me .........and some SUP'ing too of course. 

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