Saturday, December 8, 2012

The night after

Had a few Christmas drinks last night so was a bit slow on it today, but not that bad that I couldn't get out and give another SUP in the fleet a good test run.

Yes a Starboard K15 found it's way down here for me. It's an ex Demo board and looks like it's a 2011 model and it comes in at 15 feet long and 30 inches wide.
Many of the SUP racing Boards were generally around 27" to 28" wide and now they are getting down to 25 inches when you look at it,30 inches is pretty much stability personified, and after just one spin on it today it's going to fit the bill quite nicely for me.

The K15 is more for flat water racing, but it will work in whatever water your skill level will allow. Today a 20 kmh southerly was an easy test.

It comes with a rudder, and a tiller steering system that you can turn with your left foot, if you feel like shimmeying the tiller across when you need to, but you may as well just take this out and place a fin in it like all the other SUP's because that's how they all roll.

I actually paddled the board today with the steering rudder fixed in the neutral position and I found with the width and length rocker and the sharp nose on the hull, which actually dug in quite well, it actually turned quite nicely. My view is, if you are a descent enough SUP paddler you won't need the rudder and your most excellent paddle skills will see you take this baby anywhere................after all, it's not designed as a BOP board!

The board had a nice feel about it and I'm sure with a bit more paddling I'll get quite efficient paddling this longer board which has a reasonably good glide.
The photos are: at Snapper Point in Evans Bay turning around after heading upwind, and now looking towards Point Jerningham, then some angles of the K15 which you'll self draining scuppers, the tiller steering and also the rudder in relation to the fin slot. Click on any of the photos enlarge                                                                                             

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  1. Nice board Chester, Dont take off the rudder,itll run much better with it on. Theyre made to paddle on one side, Fast!! Youll have one big arm, and one lil one...haha