Monday, December 10, 2012

Surfing the lumps and bumps

Out today in a 40 kmh Northerly...... which was gusting through to 55 was definitely either surf ski or kite/wind surfing weather today. The surf skis have been neglected a bit over the last week or so in favour of doing some time on the SUP's to get up to speed on them a bit better..........I must admit, it was nice to be sitting down again :-)

It wasn't exactly one of the cleanest bunch of swells running down Evans Bay, but at least there were some good reasonably big lumpy sets blowing through which meant less paddling, and more surfing no complaints from me.

Tomorrow is the last of the pre Christmas Tuesday Twilight events, last week it was cancelled, tomorrow should see it suitable for a SUP to paddle with the forecast looking like a lazy 20 kmh southerly. In theory we should be starting at Hataitai Beach and paddling to Oriental Parade to the fountain and back, a nice little 7 km paddle.

It's the last Mana Kayak Racing Club series event for the year and I believe they will be cooking up a few snarlers afterwards and throwing a few spot prizes around as well.

Sorry for the boring photos............but I don't have a hands free camera to get all the good bits. Click on any photo to enlarge


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