Monday, November 19, 2012

I like Monday's

The Boomtown Rats fronted by Bob Geldoff were famous for the track I don't like Mondays.............when you've got a surf ski and it's a 30 kmh Northerly on the Harbour, it's fine and warm..................Monday is good.

I've just done some maintenance on our paddles so today a test run was needed................look after your gear, and it looks after you. The skis get the same treatment and everything else gets washed down with freshwater after use. Every month or so the skis get a clean with some jif to get any muck or gunge that accumulates from those messy motorboats that spit polution into the harbour as they do.

Tomorrow night off to do some rounders with the kayakers and surf ski paddlers.
It's good to turn the arms over with a group of people, it might be a handicap race and everyones supposed to finish at the same time but more so it's a good opportunity to just smell the roses while out on the water and watch how everyone handles the wind, boat wakes and other hazards around the course.
All well and good to concentrate on having good technique, but there's so much to learn about kayak and surf ski handling on our harbour that's not being thought about at times.

Todays paddle was a nice 90 minute effort out of Hataitai Beach and across the Harbour to The Kumutoto Centre on the Waterfront and though it might be too rough for kayaks around that stretch at times, with the right surf ski it's no problem.

Not too many people know but Fergs Kayaks also hire Epic and Think surf skis out of the Wellington location, they also have all the gear needed to see you on your way.

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