Saturday, November 10, 2012

Anyone for SUP?

Here's someone putting SUP on the map.

Sam Wild shot and edited this clip longboarding into Fergs Kayaks then taking advantage of the SUP hire available to all Wellingtonians at Fergs Kayaks. A great clip to inspire and give people a snapshot of how easy it is to get out on a SUP

Funnily enough the footage shows the areas we'll be using for the SUP and surf skis demos this Thursday November 15 from 4 pm - 6.30 pm.

So come down and see some pros at work, we've got Olympic Kayak Legend Ian Ferguson dealing with the surf skis, Felipe Alonso Dos Santos (Fergs Auckland) Nick Fergs Wellington working the SUP's and Sharlene and Chester managing the on water controls required by the W.C.C. as detailed in our Safety Management Plan.

The images show the SUP paddle that finally arrived from Napier today.

Thanks to the "Hoggmeister" for completing the paddle for us. Corey formerly worked for Canoe Sports New Zealand and now works out of the same factory that manufactures Ruahine Kayaks and also Paddling Perfection Kayaks.

The graphics I knocked up myself, and are inlaid into the blade, no they aren't copied off a tail fin of a certain National Airline (but they look similar). The paddle is adjustable from 197 cm through to 230 cm.

Sharlene's regular SUP sessions are going well, better now with her own paddle to match the board we've now had for the last 5 weeks.

Another board and paddle in the household will mean we'll be able to get out on the water together a bit more rather than Sharlene on the board and me on just the ski.

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