Thursday, February 9, 2012

Resuming normal transmission

Tonight shot away quickly from work to get out on the water at 5.30pm at Greta Point. Tonight I had a nice little Northerly (40kph gusting to about 55 kph every now and again) to play with.

It was the sort of night where people go it's way to windy, so many don't get out on the water, what a great time to get out and learn to manouvre your boat around in some varied wind conditons in the relative shelter inside of the bay around Greta Point.

A bit of company out on the water made for a pleasant change with an JKK Ocean Eclipse, a VOK Explorer and a JKK Hypernova (both doubles)

In the end I must have done about 8 circuits up to Greta Point surfing various lines down to the Coastguard building and sneaking back upwind close to the shoreline at a slower pace recovering, from jumping wave sets on the downwind runs.

A great night to be out and starting to feel like I'm getting my mojo back slowly with both paddle placement and working the boat down and across the swells, also the wind gusts are becoming less of an issue at catching my blades, the more I'm out there.

I'm looking forward to heading out again on Saturday Morning from Kupe for a good 60 to 90 minute paddle, in a Southerly this time.   

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