Monday, February 20, 2012

Mixing it up

There's not much going on as far as wind goes today, so for a change I took the ski for a 3.5 km drive around to Scorching Bay to take the direct route over to Makaro (Ward) Island.

Just a 15kmh Southerly, enough to take the glass like finish, that had the Harbour looking like a mill pond this morning (way too flat for a paddle). From Scorching Bay it's only a 3km stretch to Makaro so this usually takes about 15 to 20 mins.

Photo on the left Blue bridge with Makaro Island on the right, click on photo to enlarge.

Today heading out, and being the model citizen that I am, I was watching left and right way before entering the shipping lane and spotted one of the Bluebridge Ferries just to the South of Steeple Rock, it was just over 1 km away so to err on the side of caution. I headed South towards the red navigation pole just off Karaka Bay. After a change of course that only lasted 300 metres the Blubridge slipped past and then I was able to get back on course and head back over to Makaro reaching the Island 21 minutes after leaving Scorching Bay.

Around the back of Makaro it's only about 1.5 km to reach the Eastbourne shoreline, direct route takes you to the old Bus Barns, or 2 km to the Eastbourne Wharf.
To the south of Makaro Island it's 3.5km to Matiu (Somes) Island.

Photo on the right: I've come right around Makaro and this photo is looking to the South, click on to enlarge.
Tourist photos out of the road about to race back to Scorching Bay across the Southerly swell.

I managed to get back in 17 minutes doing some sets of speed work, (well as fast as my body can take me at the moment.) Once at Scorching Bay a 10 minute warm down and then a dip in the Bay to cool off............aahh nice.

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