Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Summer Kayak Series

Tonight we had a 30 kmh North Westerly that dropped off as the race went by. A boomerang shaped course that headed North to the  Lady Elizabeth II mooring buoy (old Police Launch) then down inside all the moored yachts to the mooring boat by the Coastguard then back to the start finish x 4 laps. This course was choosen to stay out of the majority of the big wind gusts that had occured previously in the afternoon, but they didn't really eventuate once the race started. The more sheltered course prevented some of us from taking adavtage of some wind swells that were further out on the course..........dang.

Anyhow one of the best Tuesday nights we've had in the last 3 weeks for the Summer Series nice and warm and a few new people to chase around.
There was a large group of paddlers in the "B" grade but only 4 kayaks in the "A" grade so slim pickings there, could do with a few more people especially for me I really need the wash hanging practice.

The Race Officials this week (the one's baby sitting the clock) were a couple of characters, they looked like twin sisters from out on the water, they were having a great old catch up, so much so the kayaking became a bit of a distraction in the end whoops...........oh  hell..........why are those people stopping...............geez that was the last lap, that conversation went quick..........ooopps what happened to the clock.................maybe I'll paddle next week.
:-)..............That's my translation, read the race article............I may be in for a slap around the ear next week

The results and race article are on http://www.kupe.org.nz/

Photo 1 the start of the "B" grade and Photo 2. Rob Nichol who leads the "A" grade pack every week.

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