Monday, June 15, 2015

Cold Kiwi Event TWO - 6 days out

Well we are well and truly into the swing of winter now and sometimes that can lead to some exceptional sunny some really bleak cold, wet and windy days.

As tempting as it is to say it's too cold to get out of the water we're into the mode of yeah we can get out and make something work. The theory is we are on top of the water for our events and the only thing that is really cold in winter is a cold old fashioned mid winter swim.....which is out of warm clothes...into togs and the old ice cream headache material !

Here's how it all sits currently:

Petone will be our venue for Sunday and we have options of the Giant Oars on the Esplanade for a Northerly.....and Sladden Park on the Hutt River if it's a windy southerly.

Good news is we have a high tide at 8.22 plenty of deep water.

We have some changes we have to re enforce for all our events, quick notes are :

3 start times
Event rules
separating craft across the start line and formations behind the start point
briefing all W6 crew / team members

Our events are inclusive of everyone, we provide an avenue to get into the various watersports we cater for and we have an obligation to make everyone aware of the basic rules of entry and expectations we have, that will make our events fair, even and an enjoyable experience for all.

Yes we will have sticking points from time to time....but we must all work through those and continually improve what we all do

We'll post further updates on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday so you'll see how things are looking weather wise, for Sunday.

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