Friday, February 13, 2015

Matiu Island Update two.

The forecast is looking like a 35 kmh - 45 kmh Southerly for Sundays event.....we'll watch this one closely as the wind may drop some more by Sunday. The Southerly delivers flatter conditions than a Northerly traditonally, so it's all looking fairly promising.

Please read the event details in the previous post below.....I'll update the weather forecast tomorrow at 10 am..... and also at 6 am on Sunday... this forecast will give everyone more accuracy on what craft to paddle (if you have two selections)

Here's some pictures from "Paddling Connections" last night Murray Fowke said he was some what delayed waiting in Traffic for 75 minutes due to an accident on the Motorway at Petone...still he turned up and was out on the water at 7 that's dedication !

Click on any photo to enlarge

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