Saturday, January 24, 2015

Down winder a good challenge

Thank you to everyone who entered today's event there were parts that were pretty testy so that made the choice of boards and skis (if you have a few) crucial. While the conditions looked pretty benign from the shore they were well and truly testing particularly in the Pukerua Bay to Pa Point sector.

So no matter where you finished thank you for getting out there on the water, the more Coastal events we have the more improvement to everyone's skill levels we'll see.

Huge thanks to Sharlene Lei Faletolu and Raewyn Anderson for teaming up to keep and eye on us all from the shoreline and I must say i enjoyed sweeping the field through on water it's here where you get a true feel of what everyone's doing through the event.

The short course was actually 15 km today and the  long course was 25 km. The short course started off at 9.10 am following 10 minutes later by the first group on the long course then 15 minutes later the last group on the long course.

A variety of lines were taken by all paddlers from point a to b...many choosing a course well offshore while other choose to hug the shoreline and make incredibly good progress.....both line are just as quick so it's a bit of cat and mouse there.

Short Course 15 km :

1:50:10 Graham Daniel SS
1:57:04 Hans Wannemacher 14 ft SUP
2:04:34 Trevor McDonald SK
2:09:02 Chris Brown 12 ft 6 SUP
2:13:16 John Scanlon 14 ft SUP
2:31:00 Brodie McGregor 14ft SUP
2:08:28.Matt Archer

1:25:50 Neal Luka 14ft SUP           ) exited Fishermans Table
1:25:50 Howie Clarke 14 ft SUP    )    "                   "
59:36 Frank Letoa 12ft 6 SUP        ) exited Raumati

Long course 25 km : 

2:36:06 Mike Tate SS
2:41:34 Dave McKnight SS
2:42:31 Neil O'Brien W1
2:46:10 Karl Timu W1
2:50:35 James Sadler W1
2:51:46 Barton Fletcher SS
2:59:52 Paddy Rimene W1
3:00:24 Chester Burt
3:13:20 Blake Dyer
3:19:27 Rueben Hill

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