Friday, November 14, 2014

Sunday downwind update

Well the winds are looking very shifty on the Kapiti Coast.....with the Westerly looking more prominent......we are really after a straighter clean Northerly this stage it's looking very unpredictable.

Like all our events we generally have a few sneaky plans up our sleeves to get the best paddling spots for the day.

A very good alternate option is to head to Petone.... to start by the giant oars at Petone head around Matiu (Somes) Island run the westerly swells over to Lowry Bay then cut along the shoreline back to the giant oars again.

Nothing is set in stone just yet we have another weather update set for tomorrow at 10 am......but we'll make this update 2 light of the flip flop changes in forecast.

Any inquires phone Chester 04 976 1795 or 022 6455 820.

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