Sunday, November 16, 2014

Alternate downwinder at Petone

Scrappy sea conditions up the Kapiti Coast and the fact we're into downwinders not rubbishy sidewind courses meant logic always take precedence to get the best possible paddling conditions for everyone.

The Straight Westerly conditions meant the Island course wasn't going to be that flash in regards to great wind angles so we went for a 1 lap and 2 lap option upwind and around the Petone wharf, downwind to the Hutt River...upriver with the incoming tide around the Seaview bridge piers (and fishing lines then back out along the Petone Foreshore to the start finish point.

This course is diamond in my books it teaches us to pace ourselves due to the Petone foreshore being quite shallow in places then going up the Hutt river it makes us think we we are going to get the best adavantages around the river flow, incoming tide and also other shallow patches...if you can paddle this stretch well you'll excel on any deep water or shallow patches you'll ever come across.

I love big fields of paddlers...but I also enjoy boutique get to talk to everyone which is great best of all a great mix of craft and people and some stunning sunny weather in between the terrorising gusty Northerlies we had yesterday.

We were short on deliverng the last spot prize....the last one went to......Paddy Rimene...we'll have your spot prize ready for you at the last event.... or drop it off somewhere in between.

Here's a few snap shots from todays event:

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6.75km short course

48:44 Trevor McDonald SK
55:09 Howie Clarke SUP

13.5km long course

1:17:55 Paddy Rimene W1
1:18:17 Heather Kirkham// Tom Bowen AR double
1:19:24 Blake Dyer SS
1;22:18 Dave McKnight SS
1:23:36 Rueben Hill SS
1:24:31 Barton Fletcher SS
1:25:44 Colin Crampton SS
1:26:21 John Toomath SS
1:28:06 James Sadler W1
1:33:29 Mary McBride MK

Here's a few snap shots from todays event

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