Saturday, August 2, 2014

Game on

It's all go for tomorrow the Gale Northerlies will tail right off in the next 12 hours and it'll be "Happy Days" tomorrow.....but without the Fonz.

By Event start we'll have a 35 kmh to 45 kmh North Westerly which will be turning to the West......then to the South midday or slightly after.......we may still have a bit of precipitation bring a raincoat!

Our Venue is within the sheltered confines of Hataitai Beach where we have plenty of parking and no Parking Wardens! ..... Be there early to get a good parking spot and to catch up with people.

We will be down there from 8 am......and I'll be setting a dual course at about 8.30am.

Remember you have two options.......short course 4 km.......long course 8km.

Please read the event flyer on the right hand side of the page.... this covers event safety etc.

The Event briefing will be..... On the concrete steps at Haitaitai Beach at 9.40am everyone off the water for that please.

We will draw the SWAZI spot prize at the start of the you can race off for food or other activities straight once you're off the water.

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