Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dolly Vardon Park tomorrow

It's only fair that we run an event on alternate sides of Wellington, Mana and Hutt City Areas and the bigger swinger for the Mana Option is that we have a full high tide out there at 8.57am.

It's going to be a cold little southerly so Dolly Vardon Park right by the SH1 Mana Road bridge offers one of the best sheltered start finish venues out there so we're not freezing our butts off pre....or post's only logical to Think this way........excuse the pun :-)

9.45 am start..... we'll be there at 8.15am.

Anyhow's here's how it's going to roll tomorrow expect a 30 kmh southerly that probably guts through to 40kmh.

The last two events we've still been in holiday mode so Sharlene and I will be more tuned in and get the starts running as smoothly as we'd like them...........we're pretty casual but just need to organise ourselves better at the pre start, head away from the starting area...... then everyone glide into the starting box area together.

The course will be:

Dolly Vardon Park around to Browns Bay and back.

long course  x 2 laps
short course x 1 lap

REMEMBER  SAFETY the event flyer on the right hand side of this page....bring warm clothing....a PFD to wear.....and all the safety equipment appropriate for your sport/ leg leashes, bailers, spray decks, cellphone etc

Our event safety number is.... 027 4581 005......load that number into your cellphone..... in a waterproof case to phone us immediately if you pull out of the event or get into any bother.

We have a special guest with us tomorrow good mate Neil Taylor from Nelson, recently he bought Flow Kayaks from Richard Ussher and Andrew Martin and he'll have some extra kayaks and surf skis with him from their awesome range of craft. Neil has a wealth of experience, the 2013 Molokai Channel Race probably one of his highlights.

After the event we'll hang around a bit longer than normal as we'll run an impromptu demo session.....the full Think Kayak National demo fleet will be there..... along with some of the Flow Kayaks fleet.

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