Thursday, July 10, 2014

Second weather update for Sunday's event

Hey looking good the rain may not be there as forecast, fine weather chance of a shower looking less likely?

One forecast says Northerly breezes........the other forecast says winds 40kmh gusting to 50 kmh an hour.....all and all that looks very promising for winter weather really.

Monday a cooler Southerly is popping through to visit us.....but we are hoping that stays at Monday and doesn't come forward to Sunday.

Early days yet......early days yet we are 4 days out from Cold Kiwi Event TWO and will drop back with another forecast tomorrow....then the last one on Saturday Morning at 10 am when we'll announce the final venue.

At this early stage we will probably be looking at Dolly Vardon Park right by the State Highway bridge at Mana......So all you North Wellington Paddlers see if you can rattle your dags and get 40 or 50 of you guys out on the Water.....The Petone event set the standard with just over 30 paddlers at the last one in May.

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