Friday, July 11, 2014

Another update....and TNR+ links

This is the latest update and then we're on a few planes for the next 24 hours.

O.k. good news....leave your umbrellas and rain jackets behind for Sunday's event.

From Windfinder....Northerlies 40 kmh gusting to 50 kmh....the Metservice.......Cloudy periods a few showers Northerly breezes......and around 12 to 14 degrees C......not bad for winter huh.

High tide Porirua Harbour 10:06 am

We get back home early on Saturday we'll post a real look out the window update..... Get ready to head out to Dolly Vardon Park by the Mana bridge........we will confirm this on Saturday morning at 10 am.

We will have two 8km and the other approx 4 km's.

Running out of time and packing see pics of paddling at TNR+ in Vancouver go to

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