Friday, May 2, 2014

Crazyman a go....go

It's been a quiet week just been had a big haul the previous weekend and a casual time on the water due to this....and that. Smelling the roses is just as good as a tough session on the water and you have to take it easy when the body feels a bit broken.

It was a brilliant day on Oriental Parade the other day for a trip around the wharves and watching the world go by with so much more foot traffic on a sunny autumn day. The beach on the Parade had just been groomed and the water............well you could have been in the islands looking at the photos here.

Today took a squizzy around 3/4's of the Crazyman kayak course for Sunday.......the rocky outcrops the fishing lines and weed are all traps for new players....and also old one's.......a recce well worth doing today in conditions similar to that we'll have on Sunday.

Tomorrow I have an hour or so to kit Martin Van Barneveld out on a Think surf ski..........I couldn't believe it when I heard he was going to hire a barracuda sea kayak from Fergs Kayaks!

Disgusting......thanks to John at Fergs Kayaks for alerting me of the miss match while I was in picking up a few skis today, for Sunday.

A Sportzhub article says that 3 times runner up at Coast to Coast Dougal Allan will be looking over his shoulder for Martin Van B........hello not in a barracuda!.............on a racing surf ski relative to his skill level and talent Martin will now have a fighting chance and we'll be showing him how to use a wing paddle!

Two Photos in Welly City and the other coming back to Days Bay after the recce today
Click on any photo to enlarge

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