Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Cold Kiwi Series" Updates

O.k. Peps welcome to your 2014 winter time paddle series.

Number one.....this series is about everyone who's keen to roll through the winter with some maintenance type or fitness paddling.
It's all about encouragement, and for ourselves as Event Organisers it's about working smarter not harder.... to look after every single paddle who enters these events.

Yes I know there are sectors of paddlers out there who are after the Challenge......and yes like you I am skilled to handle all the nasty winter conditions under the sun, (or lack of it).

This Series is fundamentally about growing the sports not discouraging people. I know many watch the weather like hawks (just like I do) and go hell, what sort of nutty course are they going to set us, this week!

People need consistency and they need to be confident that we are watching everyone's backs not just a select few. We have to be able to read and understand what every persons skill level is....that is so
important especially in the colder months.
The go fast people will always do well whether it's flat or rough.........where as, people new to the sport can take the approach, one bitten twice shy if they get too cold or too wet.....and many a time they won't come back, I know wives and partners in the past have gone this is ridiculous.....and I have never seen them again.

In the winter months it's actually not about falling out, getting too technical or setting tricky courses or even poor risk management principles......it's about staying in or on.......the summer or warmer months are the time to build your paddling skills up.....and yeah for Event Organisers, it's time to get excited and place some challenging courses.

So in the winter you'll hear me say, work smarter not harder, look after and encourage newer people who would actually like to enter our sports, the shoreline is your friend....etc etc.

Our Events will start and finish in a sheltered bay then run along shorelines that are paddler friendly, with good out options if people struggle (but probably won't) or have gear breakages etc....which all
does happen, we have to plan for that.

I'd like every paddler to wear appropriate warm clothing while paddling, because when you're warm on the water your balance is at a premium.....also do some maintenance work on all your craft now.........so there's no room for error or personal disappointment if the gear you are using fails.
Clubs you need to look at this area also.

Remember the weather changes quite quickly, and we as Event Organisers we will be watching those changes and covering our courses sensibly that way.

Yes we can all still go out and ride the big wind swells etc etc...........straight after the event (or before the event if you like) to keep our skills up.......but as Senior paddlers we must help and encourage all our paddlers during this series.

Moving right along........

Currently the long range forecast for Sunday :

North Westerly or maybe even a South Westerly wind pattern.......fine weather maybe....maybe not...........we're approaching winter... and it's a lucky dip as you know.
I'll post updates on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so you can all see what way we're leaning in regards to courses and a confirmed venue.

Remember the FINAL venue is announced by 9.45 am this Saturday.........you know what our magnificent Wellington weather is like! .....and we will be choosing the best location and some areas may get two events and some none..........everything is fluid and dynamic.

Thank you to our  Sponsors and Supporters..... more to come as the series progresses.

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