Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cold Kiwi Series Event ONE

Hey Big thanks to everyone who turned out today and having confidence in both yours and my weather watching skills. We are picking that everyone managed to get their craft home safely after the event......that wind was fair "fanging it" on the way home.

To tell you the truth I would have been happy if only 12 to 15 people turned up awesome that you Wellingtonians show true strength and character to get out on days like today.

Sharlene would like to thank Kate Booth (photos) and Chris Fox (timing) extra sets of hands are always welcome and very much appreciated by us and the paddlers also.

From out point of view a big day bro.....up at 5.30 am checking the weather and loading up the skis (wind was too ballistic yesterday to safely do this!) Set the buoys out on the course 4 kms of warm up paddling.......pulling all the buoys back in 4 km of warm down paddling. Always a good catch up afterwards........this time at Go Bang Cafe, Jackson Street Petone.

Back home and cleaning the gear, buoys loading photos and of course the score sheet below.....don't read to much into the score sheet I think most people are just doing maintenance paddling at the moment :-)
Hey we forgot to draw the spot was won by Clarke Townsley it's a nice toasty warm Swazi top.......thanks Davey Hughes and the team at Swazi in Levin.

Just remember all the entry fee money accumulates to form a super spot prize voucher at the last event!....and there's a another Swazi top at each of the next 4 events as well !

8 km long course
41:31 Andrew Carey SS
41:33 Chester Burt SS
42:35 Tim Sutton MK
43:32 Martin Leighton MK
45:26 Kyle Christensen SS
45:43 Kris Jarvis MK
45:53 Blake Dyer SS
45:55 Neil O'Brien W1
46:14 Dave McKnight SS
46:25 Peter Melling SS
46:58 Jeff Booth SS
47:27 Mark Hearfield MK
48:23 Karl Timu W1
48:24 Piki Emery W1
48:25 Gary Jarvis MK
48:25 Barton Fletcher SS
48:44 Pete Sutton MK
49:00 Heather Kirkham SS
49:03 James Sadler W1
49:46 Chris Mike W1
49:51 Rick Rupapere W1
51:01 Terry Gardiner W1
51:17 Rueben Hill SS
51:26 Rodney Collier W1
54:04 Willie Kappely W1
54:58 Paula Napier W1
55:43 Trevor MacDonald SK
56:43 Lei Faletolu W1
59:00 Andrew Watson SS
60:00 Raewyn Anderson W1
64:04 Anne Bondy W1

8 km course (1 lap) 
26:48 John Toomath SS

4km short course
29:43 Clarke Townsley MK
35:49 Peter Fuller SK

SS = surf ski
W1 = waka ama single
MK = multisport kayak
SK = sea kayak

Sharlene will load a photo slideshow on by tomorrow night...until then here are a few shots from the on water camera.

Click on any photo to enlarge

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