Sunday, March 30, 2014

The wrap up for the 2014 Motorway Classic

Big thanks to all paddlers who turned out to have a crack at the 2014 Motorway Classic courses.

Sharlene was amaze balls again with registration and timing and remembering everyone's names thanks to Leonie for helping at the end with the steady stream of paddlers finishing the event. Also Graham Daniel for helping collect the boys and Howie and Q for the impromptu
Takeaways @ Churton BBQ.

Thanks to Q and Rick for supporting the girls on the short SUP course these actions epitomise what we'd like to see at all events on the watersports events around the Greater Wellington Region..... Encourage -Communicate - Support - nail those three and we'll all be streets ahead
in our communities.

Always awesome to see all the paddle sports mingling together on and off the water, remember to support events not only on our calendar but also events on and also - - name a few.

For anyone looking at a course rating for today, low tide event, fastest times 3 minutes slower then 2011 paddlers average times up to 5 minutes slower.

13 km Course

1:06:45 Jerome Sheppard/Dave Rudge Double MK
1:06:49 Marcel Hagener SS
1:07:13 Glenn Muirhead MK
1:09:31 Chester Burt SS
1:09:35 Tim Sutton MK
1:11:16 Hawaiki Nui W6 Mens
1:13:44 Matt Flannery SS
1:14:14 Les Morris MK
1:15:54 Paddy Rimene W1
1:15:58 Heather Kirkham/Dan Pringle Double MK
1:16:12 James Flannery SS
1:16:14 Blair Simpson MK
1:17:04 Brian Grace SS
1:19:07 Dave McKnight SS
1:19:10 Dave Fisher/Sandy Winterton Double MK
1:19:48 Dave Ryde SS
1:19:58 Neil O'Brien W1
1:20:05 Nigel Parry SS
1:20:58 Graham Daniel SS
1:21:44 Colin Crampton SS
1:21:46 Pete Sutton MK
1:22:04 Iain Gillies SS
1:22:08 Karl Timu W1
1:22:12 Tunui Titans W6 mixed
1:22:52 James Sadler W1
1:24:00 Chris Mike W1
1:24:32 Piki Emery W1
1:25:18 Team Moutere W6 Women
1:28:23 Terry Gardiner W1
1:29:02 Willie Kappely W1
1:29:24 Mereana Hodges W1 Women
1:30:04 Mary McBride MK Women
1:30:36 Duane Ratahi W1
1:30:44 Rueben Hill SS
1:33:15 Ester Hudson/Jude Ureta W2 Women
1:35:36 Tim Fulton SK
1:35:59 Paula Napier W1 Women
1:39:55 Dick Dinsdale MK
1:45:27 Richard Lawrence SK
1:49:53 Royce Gray W1
1:59:11 Vincent Brannigan MK

MK multisport kayak SS surf ski W1 waka ama SK sea kayak W6 waka W2 waka ama

5 km short course

36:06 Nike Schofer W1 junior girl
38:58 Ari Mitchell-Hetaraka W1 junior girl

5 km SUP

33:12 Howie Clarke
33:18 Karl LeQuesne
34:25 Brodie McGregor
35:05 John Toomath
35:16 Josh Mason
35:41 Stu Hiddleston
42:32 Frank Letoa
43:05 Gary Naylor
53:37 Russell Thomas
54:14 Natalie McDonald
54:40 Nicky Duncan

1.5 km SUP

17:52 Aaliyah Muir-Clarke
17:52 Quentin Reweti
18:37 Jade Reweti
18:57 Ariana Reweti
18:57 Rick Ellison
19:10 Ben Cantley-Smith

Click on any photo to enlarge

Photo slideshow to be posted here by 9pm tomorrow night and a
Dave McKnight you tube clip should be on here in the next few days also.

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