Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welly....go you good thing!

Sorry for the bragging about our weather......but if you know what it can be like in the Capital.... you have to celebrate a few relatively calm days in a row!

A couple of great paddles enjoyed yesterday it was pretty flat and today an ezey 30kmh Northerly. A few photos as usual hopefully they are not too "same same" and boring. We'll both be off the water over the next 4 days off on an Air New Zealand mystery weekend in the Bay of
Islands. I'll have withdrawl symptoms early next so I'll be looking forward to getting out on the water water after work on Monday or Tuesday.

A big weekend coming up with events on the water, more on that on Monday. If you're at a loose end and like to get out with a bunch of keen weekly kayakers don't forget every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm down at Hataitai Beach, more info here: 

Photos: Point Jerningham towards the CBD, surfing down Evans Bay and yes the Hinano girls are back on my skis :-) , blade down free riding the swells, and protecting the ski at home from the elements.

Also check out this out spotted this on the Mountains to Sea multisport event website.... scroll down the page to see a promo photo of myself on my Think surf ski........the water looks muddy looking like the Whanganui River, but it was actually at the 2012 Canoe showdown event on the Mahurangi River in Warkworth.

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