Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wairarapa Multisports event @ Whareama

Here's the score sheet for the Wairarapa Multsiports Club Whareama river race 2014.

The event is in it's second year and run from the Boating Club on Waimimi Road, Whareama. The long course is from the start/finish jetty to the turn point approx 100 metres from the river mouth on the Coast this course is 16.35 km long. The short course runs along the same stretch but turns at the only shed on a hill on the right hand bank which is 4.45km from the start.

The river width is about 15 metres at the start and it's as wide as 60 metres in some places as you get closer to the Coast, the event is run so the incoming high tide turns as paddlers reach the turn buoy near the river mouth. 

Thanks to Brian Sanders for being the Event Organiser for this event the Club for all the wine given out post event (but not a cork popped prior to driving home) and also for a great
little BBQ which Doug Aplin so ably cooked for us all.

The Multisports Club also has two more summer kayak races on their calendar they are Feb 19 and Mar 19 just go to for more info or phone Brian Sanders 06 377 1474 or 027 358 5085 or bsanders at xtra dot co dot nz to find out more.

Here's a few images here with the remaining on the flickr link, all photos taken by Sharlene today.

long course 16.35km
1:26:46 Chester Burt ski
1:29:04 Les Morris K1
1:29:07 Paddy Rimene W1
1:34:26 Doug Aplin multisport
1:35:43 Wairarapa Waka Ama Club W6
1:53:46 Pete Notman multisport

(WWWC 6 Janeen Cross, PJ Rimene, Api Hurihonganui, Sharron Rimene, Quinten Albrett, Reihana Rimene)

short course 8.9km
58:55 John Allen multisport
59:49 Mark Hodren multsiport
1:13:50 Jorome Albrett W1

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