Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paddling and housework....yeah.....nah

It seemed such a waste of a day to push the vacuum cleaner around the house today.......that and my time management wasn't the best so something had to give. On the flip side all my paddling and other gear has been put away and I know that if I dim the lights in our lounge you don't notice the lack of a vacuum today. Old saying what you don't get done today, you can always do tomorrow and a
sunny day of paddling missed, is one you may never see tomorrow

Three days paddling in a row very therapeutic being on the water. Yesterday the Think Ion had a good old tear around in Evans Bay with a quick circuit down to Cobham Drive then a dash around to Oriental Bay, doing a promo run for the Think brand of course.
Today I parked up at Shelly Bay, nice and sunny, grass under the feet one of my favourite get in, get out points. On the Think Evo II after a couple of days on the Ion, I did a quick run downwind around the Northern tip of the Miramar Peninsula and upwind to Scorching Bay in a 35kmh southerly, our forth day of southerlies. Just to mix things up I headed at right angles to the side swells from Point Halswell to Point Jerningham (the run across the top of Evans Bay) then back to the sheltered waters of Oriental Parade and then over to Frank Kitts Park
then Fergs Kayaks.
The homeward leg back to Shelly Bay from the Waterfront is always a flat tailwind back to Point Jerningham then back into the side swells hitting the right hand side of the ski this time, heading back to Shelly Bay. The Think Evo II is always a low stress ski to paddle in the lumpy conditions, always a comfortable paddle and most of the time you can paddle quicker from a to b than
you may do in a tippier ski. It's great have two surf skis, it's horses for courses some days, but most of the time I'll go turn about with each ski.........sort of like walking the dog in some ways everything has to be exercised. :-)  

Photos: Looking across to Mt Victoria, heading along Evans Bay Parade to Point Jerningham, parked at Shelly Bay, heading towards Scorching Bay, back out from Scorching Bay looking across to Makaro (Ward) Island one of three islands in Wellingtons Harbour, heading across the top of Evans Bay to Point Jerningham and..... back in the bag you go till next time "the precious"

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