Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday Kayak Events

Wellingtons 20 plus year institution of kayak racing starts again on Tuesday October 1 starting at 6.15pm.

Over the last two Seasons the Series has been run in two installments with the Mana Kayak Racing Club running their Rubber Ducky (handicap) Series prior to Christmas and then the Kupe Canoe Club running a graded Series from early January through to the end of Daylight Savings.

So just to clear up any confusion...... Mana KRC run the Series in Wellington at Hataitai Beach.......
not out at Mana. Hataitai Beach is where I do most of my paddling and it's also 70 metres from the Kupe Canoe Club sheds.

There are a number of course options that can be used, here are a few of them.
  • a 4 lap course triangular course around the boats at Greta Point 6-7km
  • Hataitai Beach around the Fountain and back 7km
  • a multi lap course along Cobham Drive 5-6km
To view details on the Series click the link below.

Here's a forecasting link for Wellington City to see which ski or kayak you might like to paddle on the night if you've got a few in the gives very good wind forecasts in 2 hour blocks over a 48 hour period great for planning your session.

Today was my first session on the water in 11 days after a bout of the cold/flu, nice to get out there again and blow some snot out of the system, baby steps for a few weeks till I get healthy again.

The Think Ion performance was the weapon of choice today, had the big clean afterwards and also did the same with the Evo II Ultimate.......which might get a spin on the water tomorrow.......the Dr said exercise is good!

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